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  1. Thank you for your input ladies. I can see I'm not ready to add social media as one of my service offerings for several reasons. 1) I need more training and comprehension of all the tools at my disposal and 2) I need enough hours in the week to be able to add this to my repertoire. Only working at the office 2.5 days a week then working during naptime the other times I am home with my son makes for very limited time to work; I need to pick and choose more carefully, the tasks and jobs I choose to take on. Thanks again!
  2. My big question lately, is "how do I become a social media VA". If I say "yes, I can do social media for you" to a client, I have no idea what to post on their behalf. I work in real estate, and mostly what we post is listings, but that isn't the be-all/end-all of a realtor's business. I have done some basic management of one client's Fan Page as an admin. It's super easy. I've set up his account with "Involver".
  3. Thank you Candy and Judy for your thoughts. I'm about to raise my rates to $30 this year. A writer VA gave me a good idea for implementing the change. Start with a $2.50 increase and in 6 months or so up it another $2.50. Though, I am tempted to drop the $30.00 bomb June 1st for all services then create a package which includes a pile of web advertising (2 hours minimum) 10 minutes here and there, for $100 all inclusive. In addition to that package will be on-going process of feedback and updates for an additional and single fee regardless of how long their listing takes to sell - however, that aspect can be incorporated into a package type deal of 10, 20 or 40 hours per month as I have seen some VA's quote in contracts which the client will need to select their package before any work begins. I don't have any contracts except an NDA with the Brokerage, which is probably why most of my clients hire me for one-offs (which I don't mind when they are a solid project rather than piddly little pieces). I've got to get my marketing in place before I return to Ottawa so I can get some appointments and projects booked to fill in next week. I need a minimum of 20 hours per week at my current rate to reach my MINIMUM monthly income goal.
  4. Hi Tawnya! I'm just over the strait from you this past week! I've been visiting hubby's family in Victoria since March 30th. We fly home tomorrow. My son apparently has more teeth than is "average" for his age. Apparently they don't get molars until they are almost 3, but he has his first baby molars and all his front teeth. He still has another set of molars to come in some time before he is 3.
  5. I've been a floating assistant since 2002. My rates went from $15 to $20 in the first 8 months and stayed there for 3 years. I increased by $3 to $23 for a year then increased to $25 in 2007. I haven't increased my rates since, but the markets have changed, and business is more web-based than ever. The real face-to-face part of the business is training and the rest can be done virtually via Top Producer, MLXChange and RealtorLink. For listings and transactions all I need is a copy of the paperwork - the rest can be processed and faxed to our market centre administration office - who perform the invoicing and cut the cheques. Last week I had a client complain about her invoice. My policy is to charge in 30 minute minimums at $15.00 minimum charge. The client asked me to mark a listing as sold, make it active, syndicate it to various locations etc. When I suppplied her with a conceptual package that would involve submitting a listing to website and various additional listing websites (with the package still under construction) she still only valued it at $25.00 for the whole service with NO consideration as to how much TIME performing the service and maintenance actually takes. I was thinking about $100 for the package (though I have yet to finalize the content and price) so her response, to me, was insulting. Hence the reason I'm on this forum. I have a lot of clients who treat me like an "assistant" or "employee" with no consideration that I am a business owner as much as they are. On top of it all, I have had some agents treat me like my rates are too high, and others who consider me a god-send say my rates are too low. You get all kinds in this business.
  6. Great to see a forum for REVAs to discuss what is going on in the world of Real Estate. I've been a hands-on floating assistant (rather than virtual) since 2002. I am working to move my business to be more virtual with the exception of training (some of which can be done over the phone). I am looking forward to the discussions in this part of the forum. My own research topics include: web services, marketing, package inclusions, combinations and pricing, and moving into the virtual RE realm. Currently my business has a home at Keller Williams Ottawa Realty, the 3rd largest real estate office in Ottawa, with number 1 positions in several areas including production and volume. There are 2400 real estate agents in the city. I would like to help more of them, and actually attain clients who not only need my services, but who are able to pay for them. I would like to know more about IREAA but can't get the website to load. How do I go about getting a RE VA certification? I noticed several sites offering some form of certification... Great to be here and thank you!!
  7. When is the one in April? I would like to plan to be there. I too will get in touch with the Ottawa Virtual Alliance. I haven't been able to locate many VA's in Ottawa, other than Erin Blaskie, and were thinking of setting up an Ottawa VA picnic or dinner or something. Marie
  8. Your Name: Marie Douville Your Website URL (if applicable): http://mdouville.wordpress.com (still under construction) Years in Business: Serving the Realtor community since 2002. Description of your Business, including any specialties: My business continues to serve the realtor community with administration, marketing concepts and brainstorming, set up of action plans, website editing, training, and listing/transaction maintenance. On a more personal note: My business was started after having a horrible experience as a realtor's personal assistant. On the positive side, I learned a LOT about the needs of sales reps and decided never to serve any single agent ever again, and found an accepting community at Keller Williams - just 18 months in Ottawa with only 25 agents in 2002, and now has over 250 realtors and their staff. My best year yet was 2007 with over $30,000 in income - the down side is no time to train and build a supporting team, and work hours of 12 hours/day 4 days per week. What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: Ottawa, Ontario Are you married? How long?: Common law since 2002. Any kids and how old? My son is 22 months old and has 16 teeth. Hobbies & Interests: When I don't have a crazy toddler running around, I enjoy cross stitching and reading. How did you hear about us? i.e. Google search (what keywords did you search?), article in magazine (name of mag?), word of mouth (who?), etc. Twitter Search and Google. I was looking for other VAs and have been trying to discover how to transition my business to be less face-to-face, increasingly virtual. With over 2400 real estate agents in Ottawa, there must be a need for my knowledge and experience, that I can offer virtually. I look forward to reading the forums and getting some advice on a few aspects of transitioning my business.
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