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  1. Hello, Does anyone know of a good Collection Agency? I was connected to one in Louisiana, but lost the contact information. But if anyone knows of any others, that would be good. Thanks for your help. Roxanne Tidmore http://www.EliteREVa.com
  2. Hello, Here is alternative to PayPal. It is called AlertPay. The fees are lower also. Here is the link for anyone who is interested! http://www.alertpay.com/?sZTQw68Kta%2fVlv3VrvKCVw%3d%3d Roxanne Tidmore
  3. Hello Sarah, Another good one is Transaction Point and Transaction Desk. Roxanne Tidmore, NAR REPA www.EliteREVA.com
  4. Hello, Has anybody come across a good tracking software for Credit card numbers and Domain name expiration dates? Thank you Roxanne Tidmore www.Elitereva.com
  5. Hello, I have Microsoft Word 2003. I am not able to make autoshapes or insert ClipArt. This problem just started. I have run McAfee, Spybot and it said no problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated! You can respond directly to rtidmore@msn.com. Thanks Roxanne Tidmore www.Abvoss.com
  6. Good Afternoon, My name is Roxanne Tidmore and I am a relatively new VA. I recently purchased a VA business. I know everyone is busy, so I will be quick. I have a VA coach She has given me an assignment to contact VAs and ask them a little about their business. 1. Are you a full time or part time VA? (To clarify do you act as the sole office staff for some of your clients or are you backup office staff?) 2. Can you please list some of your major duties? 3. If you do website design as one of your tasks, do you find that you are able to balance this with your other duties that you perform? 4. Do you work on retainer fees or on a project basis? 5. What is the average length of your contract for a retainer fee? 6. Can you give me an average price range for your contract fees? (If not that is ok) And if you would like to add anything that you feel would help me, please feel free!! Thanks for your time!! I really appreciate it! Roxanne Tidmore www.Abvoss.com
  7. Hello, I am not sure what topic to put this under so I chose this topic. I have done some Spanish translation services for a few clients. And I did not really market it that much. I had a one liner on my website, which I have changed. But I would like to know if anybody has any ideas on how to really market this niche. I was even thinking of eventually building a team of translators if the work load became overwhelming. Thanks for any input! Roxanne Tidmore www.Abvoss.com Your Source for Outsourcing!
  8. Hello, I have a client who sent me a transcription file with the extension .cda. I tried converting it to a wav file but I still am not able to hear it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you Roxanne Tidmore www.Abvoss.com Your Source for Outsourcing!
  9. Hello, Has anybody ever used Share Point? I have a client who may want me to purchase it to help with his business. I looked online and it is expensive. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Roxanne Tidmore www.Abvoss.com Your Source for Outsourcing!
  10. Hello, I have edited my website in Frontpage. I can go to my site but when I get into the site, some of my links for the headings will not work. I am trying to figure it out; I was wondering if someone could help with this? Thank you Roxanne Tidmore www.Abvoss.com Your Source for Outsourcing!
  11. Hello, Does anyone know how to convert micro cassettes to a CD or to digital format? I have a client who I do transcription for and they have some tapes in micro cassette format but want to send them to me via the computer. Thank you for any help you can provide! Roxanne Tidmore www.Abvoss.com Your Source for Outsourcing!
  12. Hello, My name is Roxanne Tidmore and I am the owner of www.Abvoss.com. And I am relatively new to this forum. So far I have received so much encouragement from this site and knowledge about the VA industry. I have been doing executive secretarial work for about 16 years and decided to venture out on my own. I also am a paralegal in real estate and civil law. And I do Spanish translation. I hope to be able to contribute much to this forum. Roxanne Tidmore www.Abvoss.com Your Source for Outsourcing!
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