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  1. Mimi, I agree....it's a great service. I wrote more about it on my blog and compared it to PayPal, http://www.midwestvagroup.com/blog/. I love it!! Dawn
  2. This sounds so exciting. I can't wait to see it launched. I've already bookmarked it! Dawn
  3. I have one client who transfers his calls to me and he is using a virtual PBX system so during office hours it rings to me and it shows his office number so I always know how to answer the call. During off hours and weekends it rings directly to voice mail and then sends an email to both of us so we can see that someone called and hear the message they left. So, if you wanted to do this for multiple companies they would need to set up their virtual PBX (which could be Ring Central or a number of other ones) and make sure that when it rings through it shows their office number so you know who you're answering for when a call comes in. Hope this helps, Dawn Kramer, President Midwest VA Group www.midwestvagroup.com
  4. What I do is one hour of free service after the referral has paid their first invoice. Dawn Dawn Kramer, President Midwest VA Group www.midwestvagroup.com
  5. That's a really interesting question. Most of my clients like to see it under Marketing expenses but I can see why COGS would be a good category also. Dawn
  6. I'm very rural and it typically takes over a week for checks to get to me from my clients and because my clients are human, they sometimes forget and then it's usually a week and half out before I realize something's wrong and then I have to ask if they've sent payment (which I hate having to do) and then if they did forget I'm waiting another week to get paid and then it's about time to invoice them again. I have multi-va firm and I'm paying my va's weekly so I really need to get my invoices paid in a more timely manner. I would like to go to no checks and take only PayPal or credit card payments through QuickBooks. I'm in KS and most of my clients are on the east coast though I have a couple in midwestern states and a couple on the west coast. There is one client I can't switch over because technically I'm a sub-contractor for her so I'll have to wait the week or so to get her check but everyone else I can switch over. My question is: How do I do this without upsetting the clients? Two of my clients have been with me for 7 years and while I know they will pay me I just can't wait that 1-2 week time that it takes them to remember (or me remind them) and then the wait time in the mail. I don't want to lose any clients over this because, obviously, slow pay is better than no pay. Should I just explain the situation to the older clients and hope they understand and just go ahead and change the policy? I really don't want to set up a system to where I automatically charge their credit card, I would prefer that they be responsible for paying me (I charge by the hour so it's never the same amount) and I invoice on the 1st and 16th. So, I'm asking for ideas on how to break this news to my clients and how to implement it and set it up in my contract. Thanks in advance, Dawn
  7. I have been a VA since 1998 and for 3 years was an operations manager for a Multi-VA firm and then went back on my own and just recently started my own Multi-VA firm. I'm struggling with myself and I'm hoping someone can help shed some light on things for me: I hired a VA that worked with another company that I worked with (after they shut down) and although she did great work she was just really unreliable. She would disappear for days and was never really there when I needed her. I gradually eased her out and advertised for a new VA. I received over 100 resumes which was so hard to narrow down but I ended up hiring someone one and I just don't feel it with her. She really doesn't understand how the VA world operates, she complains (nicely) about the way I run my business and I just don't feel dedictation from her. My worry is that I'm expecting more from her than I should...I expect more out of myself than I should and I'm very hard on myself but I really try not to do that to others. Should I go with my gut feeling or should I give her more time? She's only been with me for a few weeks and has only worked on one project and while the work was fine I just feel like she lacks initiative and that's very important to me. So give me your honest opinions, am I being too picky, too soon? Thanks, Dawn
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