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  1. Oops, thanks Patty I'm glad you both like the site and I am starting to get some great traffic however I'm not getting any bites so I wanted to ask a bigger question - Does my website have the ultimate Call to Action? Thanks again
  2. Hi everyone I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't know VAcommentators existed, I'm surprised that you don't have more people interested, what a great opportunity to increase your visibility as a VA AND promote something that has been a huge benefit to us all. I'm in, I just emailed Michelle! Thanks again for bringing this up and making us all aware. Grainne
  3. Hi Tracy I offer recruitment services, I charge hourly prices for entry level administrative and junior type positions and I charge a % for more senior positions. Hope this helps Grainne
  4. Hi Everyone, First of all, I absolutely love the Christmas design, it really gets you into the festive mood. I just redesigned my website and I would love some feedback, good or bad http://www.foleysvirtualsolutions.com Thanks so much
  5. Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions, I am still looking into the various programs to see if they will work for my client.
  6. Hi I am trying to find an online appointment system for a mobile pet grooming business, they have 3 vans working in different locations so they will probably need to have individual scheduling systems. Does anyone know of such a system? Thanks
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