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  1. Both Simply Accounting and QuickBooks have Easy Start Bookkeeping Software and are usually under $100 If you contact me offline, I can give you a discount code for Simply Accounting's software Lucie Hansom SUM Bookkeeping & Office Services lucieh@shaw.ca
  2. Advertising and promotions are generally considered general and administrative expenses. Cost of goods includes everything the company uses to build its inventory or product. If your client's business is putting on Seminars - and charging those that attended, that would make sense. As it doesn't seem to be the case, I would think it should be marketing. Here is additional information as posted by the Accounting Coach (http://www.accountingcoach.com/online-accounting-course/12Xpg01.html#cost-of-goods-sold-2) Cost of goods sold is the cost of the merchandise that was sold to customers. The cost of goods sold is reported on the income statement when the sales revenues of the goods sold are reported. A retailer's cost of goods sold includes the cost from its supplier plus any additional costs necessary to get the merchandise into inventory and ready for sale. For example, let's assume that Corner Shelf Bookstore purchases a college textbook from a publisher. If Corner Shelf's cost from the publisher is $80 for the textbook plus $5 in shipping costs, Corner Shelf reports $85 in its Inventory account until the book is sold. When the book is sold, the $85 is removed from inventory and is reported as cost of goods sold on the income statement. Of course, the sky will not fall should your client decide to keep it there, BUT it will skew the client's analysis's of its COGs and other business costs - like marketing.
  3. Thank you Tawyna and everyone involved. You did a super job putting on this series of webinars. All the speakers were exceptionally talented and gave us so many great ideas and focus points. I absolutely pulled something away from each and every one of the presenters, even if it was just inspiration. I hope to visit each speaker's website and tell them who much I enjoyed their presentations. It was also great to 'meet' VAs in the chat area. I'm not really that chatty (yet) but enjoyed the friendly banter and camaraderie between everyone. Hat's off to you all,
  4. So its been a few months since posting your inquiry. How has your new venture into bookkeeping been going?
  5. FOR RELEASE AT WILL July 30th, 2010 BOOKKEEPING STANDARDS ON THE RISE IN CHILLIWACK, BC Vancouver, BC – The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC) announces the certification of Lucie Hansom, of Chilliwack, British Columbia, as a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB). Lucie Hansom owns Sum Bookkeeping & Office Services. The IPBC's national mandate is to institute professional standards specifically for the Canadian bookkeeping profession. “More than 60,000 Canadians hang out their shingle as a 'bookkeeper’, yet competency in that industry ranges from stellar to mediocre,” said Gordon Skillen, Executive Director of IPBC. “Who is the best professional to do the important compliance work required by law of business owners? There are millions of business owners across Canada who depend on the services of a bookkeeper. Business owners and employers will come to demand the CPB designation.” Lucie Hansom earned the national CPB designation after passing an exhaustive three-hour exam. The exam is based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) accepted worldwide. Lucie Hansom, CPB, can be reached by phone at (604) 845-0493, or by email at lucieh@shaw.ca. For more information about the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, visit www.ipbc.ca or call 604-637-9607 or Toll Free 1-866-616-4722 (Pacific Time) Karen Ahn, Media Relations, karenl@ipbc.ca
  6. I do not have much expertise in Quickbooks, but the methodology behind all accounting software is pretty much the same. Purchases used to assemble or sell products to clients would be posted under a COG expense account. Sales made to clients would be posted under a Revenue account. They do not work off each other. If you want to know what revenues and what expenses are tied to a client or project, then you would go one step further using a Projects (This may be called something else in QB). Here is some information about projects. Project records are used to keep track of costs and/or expenses incurred during a contract or job that your company performs for customers. Projects enable you to keep detailed information about the revenues and expenses associated with the work your company does. You can then review this information in a number of project reports to ensure that work is being done on time and on budget. Why use projects? Project information is extremely valuable when you want to determine if a specific business activity is profitable. It is also useful if you need to decide if a new venture is going to make money (you can compare the actual cost of a project to a budget estimate and spot potential cost overruns early). Projects are commonly set up to store details of expenses and revenues associated with an event, a customer, or a location. If this is what you think you are looking for and you can't find out how to access it in Quickbooks, please advise me of your QB product number (QB2010). I know a few bookkeepers who are very good with QB and they would likely be willing to provide me with some info to pass on to you.
  7. I often list the days I worked or at the very least, the range of days for the hours billed. This way there is a clear start and finish to those hours worked/billed. Will often include milestones (like draft, final submission, to May 2010). It helps me pick up where I left off and shows the client where your at.
  8. Thanks for the welcomes. I look forward to spending some time here and making a contribution.
  9. I use Sharefile for Accountants, which lets my clients and myself exchange confidential documents, including large data files. It may not be as seamless as an application hosting service but it is very reasonable priced. Good luck Lucie Hansom Your Virtual Mobile Office Assistant SUM Bookkeeping & Office Services My link
  10. It is always good practice to do backups after every session for many reasons. One big one is at year end. If you have a backup just restore it. But no panic if not. Assuming you are using a fairly recent version of Simply Accounting, you can post into last year's records. You must make sure access has been given. To check go to settings, systems, and check 'allow transactions before __________'. If this does not provide you with a working solution, please provide more information and I will try to be more specific. Lucie Hansom Your Virtual Mobile Office Assistant SUM Bookkeeping& Office Services
  11. Hi everyone. My name is Lucie Hansom. I have over 20 years of bookkeeping and office administration experience in various industries, including construction, financial and not-for-profit enterprises. In 2010, I started my own business, SUM Bookkeeping and Office Services. I live in Chilliwack, BC, which is located in the Fraser Valley. I have been looking for a way to expand the office services side of my business and feel that becoming a Virtual Assistant will be a benefit. Whether I meet clients located in Chilliwack, the Fraser Valley, or beyond... they can rest assured; I will give their business the same personal services they would expect from a local service provider. I consider myself to be quite high tech, but I know there is a lot I can learn about going virtual. I look forward to meeting other virtual assistants, sharing ideas and solutions. My website can be found at My link Memberships in: Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada IPBC.ca Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection cvac.ca Simply Accounting Sage Accountants Network Simply Accounting The Chilliwack Valley Women’s Network Chilliwack VWN
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