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About Me

My name is Brigette Garland, and I am the owner of Bridgeland Administration Services.


I started my business in January 2010 after working for over 15 years in the Administration field. The reason to get my business started was due to not being able to successfully find a comfortable work/life balance. As my child was growing up before my eyes, I realised that I was missing out on many of her milestones, and that was the final straw for me.


I have based my business around providing top quality Administration work for clients, as this is how I perform in my everday business life. I specialise in Procedure Manuals and Systems Documents (basically rules and regulations documents). As I enjoy all aspects of Administration work, I find that I am not sitting at work doing the same thing day in and day out, there is always a variety. My services are quite varied, and if a client has something that needs to be done, I will happily take the opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge and experience.


I am keen to network with many people and also learn from the forum topics, as starting a business can always be tough, it just doesn't have to be done alone :thumbup: .

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