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    Hi there, I am here to network and to learn. According to past employers, my greatest gift is Client Services... I love Wordpress and Graphics! My hobbies are creating jewelry, photography and travel. I have a 24 year old daughter who recently earned her degree in Mass Communication and Broadcast Journalism. I am from Ottawa ON and I have also lived in New Jersey.

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  1. Hi Janet, I found your post searching for info on ZenCart. Are you still using it? I have a client who want me to set it up and I'm wondering if it is difficult to use? This will be the first time I am setting up this type of website. Thanks very much, Jen Shea www.jensheava.com
  2. Thank you Tawnya, I am sure someone out there knows something about them... fingers crossed :-) Have an great evening
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a client who is looking for help with Cart66 with Authorize.net, which will also connect to the Zencart. Is there anyone out there who has experience with these, that would be willing to share any tips? This is a new area for me and I definitely want to learn them... Do you have a suggestion for the best place to get help? Many thanks, Jen www.jensheava.com
  4. Hi Danielle, I have a Dell All-in-One Touch Screen and a small laptop. I have almost always used a PC, but when I can afford it, I will definitely get a MAC for graphics, videos and photography. Jen
  5. Thank you Stephanie, I really appreciate your opinion. I think I will give it a try and then go from there. Jen
  6. Hi Ladies, thank you very much for responding Have either of you tried Jing? I was on a webinar this afternoon and asked them what they use and they told me that most people in their office use Jing, and it's free. Danielle, may I ask what you mean by getting your hands on Camtasia? Is it no longer available? Jen
  7. Hi Everyone, I would like to record some videos from my computer and include live video from my screen. What software have you used and what is your favourite...? I am in a Windows environment, not MAC. Have any of you used any of the free software programs out there and had any success? I would like to be able to add video to my website and blog. I do have My Movie Move Maker but I haven't tried it out yet. I am grateful for any suggestions. Thank you, Jen
  8. Hi Everyone, I am really happy that I came across this post. Very helpful information... really appreciate the questions, and everyone's helpful answers. Cheers, Jen
  9. Hi Wen, I'm new to this as well. Maybe we can share tips and tricks as we go along. It's always nice to have someone you can ask for feedback. Everyone tells me to stick to my plan... Don't give up, life is really challenging at times but you will make it through. Jen
  10. Hi Hayley, I'm new here too. I like your website, I am still working on mine. I'm curious, do you work only in English? I think one of the best things about becoming a VA is you could live somewhere where you do not speak the language, but still work. Take care, have a super weekend. Jen Shea-Rembadi
  11. Hi Tammy, I like your website. I'm new too, working on my website right now. Much success to you Jen
  12. Hi Diana I'm new too... Looking forward to connecting. Much success to you. :-) Jen
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