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  1. Thanks so much ladies. Linda --- I'm usually a paper and pen gal when it comes to our personal finances, but I know QuickBooks Pro will be an added benefit to begin using all around. I looked at Quicken, and there's just not enough for the business aspect, and I see myself eventually needing a few of its added bells/whistles, so why not bite the bullet and write it off next year! Deb -- I whole heartedly agree, I feel so foolish for 'Scrooging' myself and my taxes using Turbo Tax. Now I'm look for a preparer who has worked with at home entrepreneurs before. I need my ship tight because Uncle Sam has not been playing nice! So I'll definitely check the websites out, thanks again..HUGE HELP!
  2. Hi Folks.. Newbie by Fire here again... Which method works for you and why? I worked with an accountant, prior to starting my business, but I had earned enough doing odd jobs that I had to report and pay taxes on my self employment. I did not like the way he handled it, lack of communication, perhaps he just wasn't knowledgable about self employment taxes. Then I tried Turbo Tax, and did something wrong and ended up owing Uncle Sam in the following year as it all caught up to me. Currently, I have items I'm looking to write off as deductions while filing this April, and I'd love YOUR FEEDBACK. I'm moving the family room office to a designated home office [thank u hubby!] with 4 walls, and its all for me! At this point, I need some small office equipment and computer software specifically a shredder, new desk, or add' storage solutions ie filing cabinet, Quicken Books]. Also needed are a 2nd [cell] phone line, web design, association memberships, etc, and my plan is to find what I can write off prior to purchase. Currently I have pending projects due for 2 clients, and a long term contract with a client who just asked me for an invoice. I just read that I could save all my parking receipts in order to write them off as a travel expense, so the more I read, the more I realize I DON'T KNOW. So I am a SELF EMPLOYED contractor who takes on short term projects to establish a stream of income. I need every write off possible, but yet I'm hesitant to trust a CPA to find some buried write offs, vs Turbo Tax asking me a bunch of questions. Your thoughts? Cmon chime in.. you know you want to! Thanks in advance! This aspect of the biz is terrifying to me because I don't want to mess with Uncle Sam's money, and I certainly don't want Uncle Sam messing with mine!
  3. Has anyone found FREE market/industry related information pertaining to VAs? I'm having difficulty completing the economics part of my biz plan Questions such as: • What is the total size of your market? • Current demand in target market. • Trends in target market—growth trends, trends in consumer preferences, and trends in product development. Any thoughts?
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