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  1. A belated congrats to you, Tawnya! You make us all proud!
  2. Oh my, it's distressing to hear that VAs are treating other VAs like this. But please know that this is a minority of the VAs that are doing this. We really are a pretty great bunch overall! I try to pay my subcontractors within 24 hours of receiving an invoice. And of course, more likely than not, I haven't received payment from the client yet. But that's just good business, if you ask me.
  3. I use StartStop also and love it! I purchased the footpetal with it too. I've been very pleased with the system.
  4. Welcome, April! Make yourself to home and feel free to ask any questions you might have. There's a wealth of information here!
  5. Congrats, April! And welcome to VANA from a fellow Nebraskan!
  6. Yup, I love Jott too! Actually I think someone on this forum (maybe Candy?) mentioned it awhile ago and I tried it out. You can set up groups and send to everyone at once. I've set one up for my family so when I want to make sure all the kids know something (so I don't forget to tell one of them!), I just send a Jott to my Family group. Voila! I love the Google calendar option too, but mostly I use it for reminding myself of things to do when I'm out of the office. Inevitably I think of something to add to my to-do list (especially with daughter's wedding coming up in 33 days!)
  7. I've been using Time Shadow for several years now and have been very happy with it.
  8. Well, since I'm a Send Out Cards distributor and have used the system for 3 years or so, I'll represent the "other side of the story." To answer your question, Kathy, yes, the return address of the sender is printed on the envelope in a font that looks like handwriting (as is the address). The card also has the recipient's address and the sender's address on the back of the card. Send Out Cards allows you to get your own handwriting font which personalizes the cards a lot. You can also create the front of your card with your own picture, borders, thought & talk bubbles, along with adding business cards and photos to the inside of the card. As with any card, it's what you say in the card. If you're personalizing the card to the recipient, and saying something that is really personal and just for them, then the card will have an impact. If you're not doing that, then it's just going to be another card. As with anything, the more you use the system and learn how to make your cards really stand out, the more impact they will have on your recipients. Let me know if I can answer any other questions you might have, Kathy.
  9. Great idea, Darrell! I received the same email and trashed it. People really need to find better things to do than dream up these scams. Geesh!
  10. I'm in the process of purchasing a Bizhub C203 color printer/copier, which will be very cool when I get it. But it turned into a fiasco the last couple days. So much so that I wrote about it on my blog today: http://www.hinztime.com/timesaver/?p=64 Customer loyalty just died in my office today.
  11. You may want to give a per page rate rather than an hourly rate. Set one page rate for double spaced and another for single spaced so you have it for future reference. Type up a page, figure how long it takes you, and figure your per page rate from there. Like Nancy, I figure 10 pages per hour. Good luck with your project!
  12. Hi Darrell, Send Out Cards can print a greeting card with a picture you supply, plus you can send gift cards or gifts with the cards...all from the your computer. You can upload your contact list to the contact manager and create the card exactly as you want it. The company prints, stuffs, addresses, seals, stamps (with a REAL stamp) and mails the cards for you. It's great...I love it! If you want to try it out, contact me and I'd be glad to let you send a couple free cards to see how it works.
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