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  1. Hi Everyone A quick hello and little bit about myself - I'm looking forward to taking part in this great community. I'm Debbie from i-Executive based in Sydney, Australia. My website should be live later this week - www.iexecutive.com.au I've worked as an Office Manager, Personal & Executive Assistant and Administration Manager during the past 20 yrs and have now decided to take the plunge - my last role involved setting up Krispy Kreme in Australia - YUM! My business will offer the more traditional VA services but will also focus on offering development and documentation of business process and guidelines particularly for small and medium sized enterprises. From a personal perspective I emigrated to Australia 12 yrs ago from Bristol, UK and have been married for 10 yrs, no kids however we have recently rescued a beautiful labrador from the pound so feel like we do now have children! I look forward to being involved. Best wishes Debbie
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