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  1. Nice to meet you and thank you. also looking to get around the forum and meeting more.
  2. Wanted to make sure, I got back to everyone here. Nice to meet you and thank you.
  3. Greetings Everyone! Glad to be a new member and share this wonderful profession with other like-minded members. I am Karen Corey of KCCGlobal.com, formerly Corey's Referrals. I am a Business Marketing/Advertising Consultant for over 11 years in Wake Forest, NC. Up until last year, 2010, I had mostly provided a local hand delivery of business referrals to local homeowners (yes, I said hand-delivered). With our marketing quickly changing to web/mobile presence and numerous requests to assist local owners with web based tasks (marketing for websites/blogs, email, newsletter, phone broadcast, opt-in lead pages, video ads and social media campaigns), I've researched, studied and applied various softwares to serve local businesses a practical, step by step IM social media strategy which delivers long term results. I am extremely resourceful and will be most flattered given any of my experiences and methods help others here. I am mostly self taught, by doing just this, seeking out other professionals that were generous. So too, I shall give back. Specialties: Passion for our private sector to stay healthy & prosperous. On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: originally Paramus, NJ Any kids and how old? That's such a funny question to me after your "kids" are grown. I have 2 grown sons & 6 grandchildren (no ages mentioned to protect "grandma" here....funny how no one knows any math until you start telling them how old your kids are!) Hobbies & Interests: Just love cutting edge natural food strategies, growing organically & growing herbs in my CoreyGardens, listed with NC AgriTourism.
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