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  1. Congrats Gabby... You always have thoughtful and helpful advice. Have a great day! Johnnie
  2. Hi Everyone, Can anyone recommend some good online tutorials for CSS? Or perhaps a great book that you would recommend? Thanks in advance! Johnnie
  3. Hi Sally, Welcome to VAN -- one of, if not, THE place for Virtual Assistants. Thank you Tawnya! There are so many successful and thoughtful VAs here. Always feel free to ask away on a subject matter that you can't find an answer about. Someone can almost always point you in the right direction... Well, gonna go drink my tea... Have a super day! In His Grace, Johnnie
  4. Hi Carol, I've printed it out for reading later on today. It looks very interesting. Thank you for sharing! In His Grace, Johnnie
  5. Hi Laura, Regarding your question about local clients...most of my clients are local. However, the most that I do for them onsite is... * Registration for Free Seminar/Conference * Office Set-Up * Paperwork Transfer HTH... Johnnie
  6. Thanks Terry for adding the wand effects! I just love it!!! Johnnie
  7. Tawnya & Karri, It was a great presentation. I just loved the wand. DARN...I wish I all of you could hear that sound of that wand...it was too much...
  8. Hi Everyone... It was so nice to meet most of you at the VA Conference. I am so disappointed that my schedule did not permit me to be able to meet with you all on Friday night and on Saturday. Hopefully I will not have anything on my schedule next time -- and the conference will not be in Dallas so that I can make sure nothing will interfere! In the brief time I had at the conference I learned so much from each of you. Each of you are truly gifted and talented. May your lives be truly blessed in every way! Have an awesome day today! Johnnie
  9. I tried to go to it, but this is the message I received... Gosh -- all I did is click the button and my FireFox brought it up. Does that mean I have to do it in IE?
  10. I know I have posted a lot today... FYI, I have heard both Bryan Dodge and Jeff Crilley speak (within the last two years). Make sure you have your notetaking skills ready to go. They probably will have product with them to sell. J
  11. Karri, I checked with the hotel. When you land at DFW Airport call the hotel (972.243.3363) and let them know the terminal and gate at DFW. Then they will come and pick you up. I would plan on 30 minutes from time of call to pick-up (based on where they are and a minimal amount of traffic). Unless they have a van in the area -- which is possible... HTH!
  12. Conversion found at http://www.wbuf.noaa.gov/tempfc.htm. Below is the conversion for the above: Wednesday High 27 / Low 15 Thursday High 18 / Low 13 Friday High 20 / Low 6 Saturday 21 / Low 9
  13. Local Dallas Weather Forecast as of Today 10/10/06 (in Fahrenheit): Wednesday High 82 / Low 59 Thursday High 64 / Low 56 Friday High 68 / Low 43 Saturday High 69 / Low 49 Right now, not including today, no forecast for rain...it is raining however like crazy right now...! See ya'll soon! Blessings, Johnnie
  14. Hi Kathie!!! It's about time I said, "Hi!" I've been so busy with all the year-end Foundation giving, letter writing, spreadsheet updates at my "side" job. Anyhoo....love you much and so glad to see you here at VAN! Hugs, Johnnie
  15. Hi Candy, I said a prayer for you all -- PEACE (Shalom - nothing missing, nothing broken) be governing your family. In His Grace, Johnnie
  16. Thank you for a good laugh. I'm sorry that it had to happen to you, but I can just picture myself doing all of the above. The only thing that would have been different is that I would have locked myself out of the house. Peace, Johnnie
  17. Woo Hoo! Congratulations! In His Grace, Johnnie
  18. FYI - there is another VA who has a business name similar to yours...Virtual Friday Administrative Solutions. In His Grace, Johnnie
  19. Hi Michelle, I live in Irving, 20 minutes from the hotel -- no room needed. Thank you so much for your organization of all of us! Have a blessed day! Johnnie
  20. WEATHER INFORMATION IN OCTOBER: During October the weather in Dallas is very comfortable. Although you may have a few high days of 85-88 degrees the average temperature during the month is 56 low to 78 high. Also, October is the second highest month for rainfall, so -- just in case -- bring an umbrella. Also - during the time of the conference the State Fair of Texas is going on. I just love going and checking out all the rides, corny dogs and the car show!!! Here is the website: http://www.bigtex.com/ I'm really getting excited about meeting ya'll! Blessings today! Johnnie
  21. Hi Rondallyn: Here is the link to WIKIPEDIA regarding the definition of a BLOG: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blogs BLOG TOPICS within VA Networking: http://www.mediamage.com/cvaforum/index.php?showforum=85 Hope that helps a little bit... Blessings, Johnnie
  22. Hi Jenn, Here is a plug-in that I found for wordpress re: SEO. http://www.netconcepts.com/seo-title-tag-plugin.htm I haven't used it yet as I am still working on my wordpress for my site, but I thought it would help you! Grace, Johnnie
  23. Hi Terry, I definitely was not going to send them a copy of anything regarding my business. The gentleman that called me was trying to scare me. Of course, it was the husband or boyfriend or something that called instead of the person listed on the website. I do have PDF, but I was at my side job when it happened and they don't have it. Thank you for the tip on the PDF, I forgot about that... Glad it's over with... Johnnie
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