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  1. Hi Terri, I'm still willing to meet up. Here are my responses: 1. I think Wednesday or Friday would be best. 2. I'm pretty flexible on time - maybe our first meetup could be for a morning coffee break or lunch. 3. Morris County 4. If would be nice if we could arrange a mutual meeting place for both north and south, but it seems like splitting it up might be easiest at this time. Maybe there could be a north meetup and a separate south meetup at first, then we could try to join forces later on. Thanks for keeping this going. I hope more people are interested. Sue
  2. That week I am available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Are we talking about during the week (day or evening) or on a weekend? Roxie says "second weekend in November". I think during the week would be better/easier for me. But the week of 11/8, Wed and Thurs evenings are NG; the week of 11/15, just Thurs evening is NG. Daytime is OK. Sue
  3. Good morning all! I'm hopeful we can find a good place to meet. Starbucks or Panera or similar sounds great. I had suggested Allentown earlier, maybe that will work for everyone. Terri, I'm still giving thought to the DVVAA membership but will probably join. I'd like to find out exactly where they are planning the luncheon before I commit to the date. Sue
  4. Sue, Perhaps we could carpool and go to one of their meetings to check them out. Terri Terri, Sure, that might be a possibility. I don't know if they have "business"-type meetings but it looks like they have quarterly luncheons. The next one is scheduled for Dec. 4. Parts of their site are limited to members only so there might be more info if one actually joins. Aside from the DVVAA, it would be nice to get together with other NJ VAs face-to-face. Trenton does look like it's about halfway between here and Millville. Maybe someplace like Allentown, which looks to be pretty close to I-95. Sue
  5. I’m in Morris County, NJ, too, and would be interested in meeting other local VAs. Just last week I was looking into DVVAA as a possibility to join. Their meetups seem to center around Philadelphia (2+ hours away) but I was thinking about joining anyway, just to try it out. It would be nice to have a group in the northern NJ area. Sue
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