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  1. Hello, I wanted to know if the VA Joint Venture Program is still active. The link does not work. I am interested in doing a joint venture. Any suggestions? Raquel
  2. Thank you Tawnya. I am checking out both option. Raquel
  3. Hello, Does anyone know of a good one on one coach? Thanks, Raquel
  4. Hi everyone - Long time since I have been here. I have finally found 2 great assistants and we are having trouble sharing QUickbooks files. I would love to find a way to 1. know who has the most current client file 2. Perhaps both work on the same computer Just to keep things organized and know who is doing what and when. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated -
  5. Here is what I found by Googling the topic. I hope this may help you. CDa to MP3 Converter & Ripper Guide .CDA is not officially a file format. It is actually a menu like device used by CDs to locate audio on the CD. The actual file format on a CD is raw audio, either denoted as PCM or WAV format. To convert CDA to MP3 (the files .cda represents), you need a tool to perform digital audio extraction, also known as cd ripping. Most new CD-ROM drives support cd ripping so you should be OK. When shopping for a cda to mp3 converter, make sure you find one with error correction and a good MP3 encoder. Error correction compensates for scratches, dust, and other abnormalities on the CD surface that would otherwise produce pops and skips in your converted file. Finding a good MP3 encoder (handling the to .mp3 format conversion) is crucial in getting the best compressed sound.
  6. Hi all, I am very new here and am just reading around to get familiar. I own a virtual bookkeeping company and I am in desperate need for some asssitance. The reason I am posting here is because I was just really enlightend by this thread. I do value VA's and I have worked with many. Here is my question ( please do not get insulted) if I only charge $35.00 for my services, how could I offer someone more than say $15 or $20 per hour and still be a thriving business. What I am reading in this thread is that what I would be offering is insulting to say the least and perhaps demeaning to the profession, which I would never want to do. The second part of the problem if you will ---is that I need someone that I really don't have to train? So go figure, no time to train but can't pay either?? If any of you have any suggestions I would be most appreciative as my business is booming but I can't handle it alone anymore. I look foward to getting to know you all better.
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