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  1. I found this article on About.com: Small Business Canada and thought some of you might find this interesting. Even if we aren't selling products or services that are directly related to school, we can still use the timeframe to incorporate a marketing blitz! Check out the rest of the article here: http://sbinfocanada.about.com/od/marketing/a/Back-To-School-Marketing-Ideas.htm Back to School Marketing Ideas Marketing ideas for a back to school tie-in. If your products or services have no obvious back to school tie-in, you can still create one. Stretch your brain and forge the back to school connection such as in these marketing ideas: Whether selling services or product, a nutrition-related business might offer information on preparing healthy school lunches or even a workshop. A business selling cleaning products might back to school market its products as great for cleaning dorm rooms and sell a special "studentpak" of products. A watch repair business might run a "be on time for school" special.
  2. I know when I was starting out and 'thinking' about building a VA business, I was pretty overwhelmed! I had thought it would be easy...I have a computer, a printer and a phone...how hard can it be?!! Well!! The most important step I found for me was to get going on a business plan. It doesn't have to be anything very substantial, however, the more input and effort you put into it, the better foundation your business will have. Give yourself time to sit down and truly figure out exactly what it is you want for your business. There are some great places online to help out in that area. This business plan builder is a 10-page 'fill-in-the-blanks' type of document: http://www.atb.com I really liked using the Small Business Administration site. You have to log in, but it helps explain the steps (at least it did for me when I last looked at it.) Try to get a good plan going, including how you will be marketing, who your target market is, etc., and this will help you when you are ready to create your marketing materials including website, etc. Enjoy...it's a scary, but rewarding, phase of business ownership!!
  3. Welcome Deborah, this is the best place online for all things VA-related!!
  4. Welcome to the club Sarah, you'll find this is a great place to gain info and develop contacts for your new biz! Enjoy!!
  5. Hi Suneel! Congrats on the new baby! Welcome to the forums, there's a wealth of information here and we look forward to having your input too!
  6. Welcome to the forums! It's great that you have experience and a niche already picked out, that will definitely help you when you're building a business plan and getting the virtual business set up. Enjoy browsing the forums, they are a goldmine of information and support. And if you can, get a seat for the upcoming VAVirtuosos webinar series, they are amazing!
  7. Hey Cass, welcome to the forums! You're going to find so much information here and you will love the VAvirtuosos webinars...they are amazing! Enjoy!
  8. Welcome to the forum...I like the Rock Star Concierge...why not?!!! It rolls off the tongue easily and think of the fun you'll have picking a logo!! I say go for it!
  9. Welcome back Stephanie! I haven't had a client needing packages yet, mostly it's project-based work for me. I hope it works well for you!
  10. Welcome to the club Mary Jo! Looking forward to see you on the forums!
  11. Hello to the Sage gurus, I'm trying to enter tax info for a/p invoices and since switching from HST to GST/PST I can't seem to edit any of the tax amounts in the purchase journal window. I'm sure I've missed a step somewhere in the setup of the new (well ok...not terribly new) tax change but I haven't got a clue. So...if I haven't lost you completely at this point and you know what I'm talking about...help!!! LOL Thanks!
  12. And I'll 'third' the love! Great website! And welcome to the club! I tell everyone that this really is the best place online to help you get your business up and running . . . and keep it running! There's so much info here and everyone is so willing to share their knowledge. Enjoy the forums!
  13. Welcome to the club from one Catherine to another! This is a great place for all matters relating to building and growing our VA business...jump in and enjoy!
  14. Hi Michael and welcome! It's always nice to see more men coming into this industry! This is a great forum for support and sharing ideas as we all grow our businesses.
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