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  1. I know this thread is VERY old, but software changes constantly and I'm in need of web design help here. I recently purchased this laptop (reconditioned Dell) and was updating the software. I found a copy of MS FrontPage 2000 and installed that. Learned how to use it and built my website (home page and three other pages). Great! So now I get to the uploading to GoDaddy (my host) and lo and behold, it's not going to work properly. Ok, don't go there with the whole 'you should have done this...you should have done that' . . . I didn't. Anyways, so now I have this really cute website but can't get all of it working because I've used software that no one uses anymore. So...now what? I want to use a program that I can use pre-loaded themes, WYSIWYG and HTML (since I'm slowly re-learning it) and something that can upload to GoDaddy fairly easily. Am I asking for the moon?? I sure hope not! Any suggestions/ideas/thoughts are always welcome! Cathy
  2. Oh ok, thanks Danielle, that explains it! I hope the debugging isn't too stressful! Show 'em who's boss!! LOL
  3. Oh good, Jenny, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I miss the date because I could tell if a thread is current. Nothing like reading about a seminar coming up only to realize it was for last year! Hopefully this isn't a permanent change though!
  4. The past week or so I've noticed that instead of seeing the date of the last post in a message, there's a bunch of numbers instead. I don't think it's just me because it's happening on all our computers here, PC and Mac. Any ideas? I tried to insert a screen shot but it's just not going to let me. Thanks Cathy
  5. Thank you both for your help and suggestions. And thanks Linda for a list of some of the expenses that I can use in creating this 'budget'. Thanks again! Cathy
  6. I did a search but couldn't find what I'm looking for so hopefully someone can help me...(I'm sure someone can!) I'm nearing the end of my business planning phase (thanks to Yvonne for the link to doing it online) and we're up against the financial info and I'm a little lost as to what to do. Since my business isn't running how do I project what earnings and expenses are. Do I just guestimate what I'll be earning at full-capacity (x number of days per week multiplied by v number of hours per day)? Also, would anyone say that there is any seasonality with their business? Thanks so much for your help everyone! I can't wait to get finished with this planning and get down to some nuts and bolts work!! Cathy
  7. Tracey and Candy, thanks for your suggestions, definitely this business plan is taking on a life of it's own! And I like that 'you can build it but they won't come' so true! It's a good motto to remind a person to keep focused on the changing marketing needs of their business. Thanks again! Cathy
  8. Thanks Linda. It definitely isn't easy building this business plan but it'll be a great reference once I'm done! I think I'm about half way (heavens I HOPE I'm half way) it's taken me a whole week of almost non-stop work to get this far!)
  9. So I'm working on my business plan through a link that Yvonne posted (I think it was Yvonne) anyways this is quite an indepth site and as I'm working through it I'm coming across some questions that are a little more difficult than others. So this is the question I'm struggling with right now: Define failure for your business and how you would handle shutting down, if necessary. Include a sense of who may be interested in buying your business or your unused assets and contracts. I believe that failure for a business would come from a lack of marketing or networking, not building the business. A person would have to continually build there business in order to keep it viable, but I'm not sure if that's all they're looking for. Anyone else have any suggestions? Thanks! Cathy
  10. Welcome back Heather! I know you'll find loads of support and encouragement here to make 2011 a great year! Cathy
  11. Hi and welcome to the group. I'm very new here too but there's so much information and help...the ladies and gentlemen here are amazing! When I first thought of doing my business I was thinking of just using my initials but that just didn't strike me as being something memorable...so after looking at an online thesaurus and trying out different words that describe a VA business, I eventually came up with Boost. So my business is called Boost Virtual Services. (I can envision my logo being one woman helping another up a ladder...but I can't quite see how to do that without having the one with her hands on the other's butt! LOL) It's a work in progress! Anyways, check out the thesaurus...you might find something that strikes your fancy! Cathy
  12. Thanks for the ideas. I'll try out the letterhead in both and see what looks best. I have to apologize, I just noticed there's a space in the main forum for polls! Oh well...chalk one up to being a greenhorn!
  13. I'm building my letterhead and would like to use a light grey paperstock for that as well as business cards. Do you think that classic white bond is a more 'professional' choice or does it really matter? Thanks! Cathy
  14. Yup, I like that. Something short and to the point is what I'm looking for. I'm creating a holding page for my domain and wanted to get this nailed down! Thanks!
  15. Ok...so I've finally come up with a name for my business: Boost Virtual Services and I have been kicking around a few ideas for a tag line. Giving your business a virtual boost Helping your business grow with a virtual boost Boosting your business with virtual support Virtual Assistants help you boost your business I don't know...I want to convey the idea that we can help improve your bottom line with extra support through our virtual business but it's not exactly saying what I'm thinking somehow! Anyone else want to take a stab at it?? Thanks Cathy
  16. I'd like to know about blogging too...would it be a good idea to get one started? Is it good for networking or gaining new clients? Cathy
  17. Good for you! Now that you have your first meeting under your belt, you'll be more comfortable next time! I hope the potential client becomes a paying client!! Cathy
  18. Thanks for posting that link Kathy. I finally created my business name and now want to start using...so checking first is a great thing! Cathy
  19. Amanda, were you able to get a logo you liked? I like the first revision (not with the pink) but if you wanted to add a touch of pink you could shadow the purple font with a small line of pink. It would add some colour (if that's what you ultimately want) but not be too much. Anyways, just another idea to add to the pot! Cathy
  20. I completed the survey earlier today. Because I don't have my business up and running yet there were quite a few questions that I couldn't complete. But...it's done! I too had trouble getting the downloads so I'll send a message to you Patty for that. Thanks! Cathy
  21. Does anyone use the chat? I've checked it a few times during the day and there's no one there. It would be nice to do some chatting with other VAs.
  22. I know I'm coming in quite late here but I just wanted to be sure I understood. When you talk of charging on their anniversary date, do you charge them for the whole year and then keep them posted with what hours you've billed monthly? And do they prepay for the whole year at a time? I'm just beginning my business plan and want to know how other VAs are billing, etc. Thanks! Cathy
  23. Good Evening everyone (or good morning, etc...) I thought I should start with an introduction. Some of you will already have met me on the chat during the recent week of seminars we were priviledged to attend thanks to Tawnya and co. and their hard work My name is Cathy Drappier and I currently live in a small rural community called Vanderhoof in the centre of British Columbia, Canada. The major industries here are lumber and cows! You're either a farmer or a logger/mill worker (sometimes people have to do both). I'm married (second time around) to a wonderful man named Doug. He is an automotive mechanic and works for a logging company caring for their maintenance vehicles and the occasional logging truck. Our 9th anniversary comes up in January but each month we recognize the day. I have a daughter from my previous marriage, Savannah, and she's almost 18. She'll be graduating high school this year and plans on attending hair dressing school once she's finished high school. I'm not looking forward to the empty nest but I guess I have to get used to it! As an only child she's been pretty spoiled but for the most part she's a good kid....guess I'll keep her! As far as VA business goes, I don't have one...yet. Here's the long story; when I first moved to Vanderhoof in 2001 I was unemployed, divorced and wanting to do something that would earn me more than just minimum wage. So I applied for a student loan and took the Applied Business Technology program at the local community college. It is basically the secretarial course with some upgrading, but it gave me what I needed to get back into the workforce. At the end of the 10-month course each student had to give a PowerPoint presentation on any topic they chose. I decided to do a presentation on Virtual Assisting. Back in 2002 there wasn't as much info about being a VA as there is today. I really wanted to pursue having my own business but things just never worked out that way. Doug and I were married and I started working right out of college. Eight years later, I'm laid off and have some time to do more research. I spent eight years working in the non-profit sector doing whatever was asked (like a good admin assistant!) and because of the clients we worked with (adults with developmental disabilities) there were many opportunities for creativity. Flyers, cards, letters, posters, invitations, etc. We also used spreadsheets constantly and created our own forms and manuals. I went from front desk clerk to business administrator and my range of duties included getting the mail to acct receivable, acct payable, payroll and scheduling for our three group homes. It was hectic most of the time but really enjoyable because each day was different. Now, I'm wanting to keep that excitement of being creative and having varied tasks and to have the ability to direct my energies into work that is creative but also restrict myself to tasks that I thoroughly enjoy and love. I have had some experience with web pages and would really like to continue learning more about html and web design. I also like desktop publishing so I might want to look into that as well. However I guess one of my strengths would be spelling and finding spelling errors so I suppose editing may fit in there more naturally. I'm still looking for a niche that would be suitable for me, but those are my ideas so far. Social Media for sure. Anyways, now that I have told you half my life story you will all know who I am and where I am from and you'll understand when I type 'eh' all the time!! Nice to meet you all! Cathy BC
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