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  1. Welcome to the club Taneisha! This is the best place online to be for VAs. When you get a chance, makesure to check out the VA Insiders club, it's jam-packed with information, training, etc. Well worth the low monthly fee. www.vainsiders.com
  2. Welcome Tina and Pamela, you are both going to enjoy this forum so much! When you are starting out, figuring out the services you want to provide, the type of clientele you wish to market to, and how you are going to build your business can be a bit overwhelming. Stick to a few basic things at first like narrowing the services you really want to provide, and I would highly recommend you get started on a business plan. Check out this website for a usable template to get you going. It takes time but you will find the business plan absolutely indispensable as time goes on. Cathy
  3. I'm not too familiar with rack cards, but it seems like it may be a larger version of a business card with a bit more info. Where do people usually find rack cards...and would it be an idea to have a couple of different designs depending on the target market?
  4. Welcome to the club Shay! you're gonna find this forum to be the best online for being supportive and helpful. Ask anything - someone will have the answer!
  5. Hi Becky I just wanted to make a quick suggestion on your site, nothing major, but I noticed after scrolling through the list of PLR you're offering, I had to scroll back to the top to get to the menu. It should be possible to add a menu at the bottom of the page as well so people don't have to scroll. Just an idea! Best wishes to your PLR business!
  6. Welcome to the club Tracey! This forum is the best place on the Internet for any info about building and growing your VA business! Enjoy!
  7. Welcome Alexandra! I love how international this forum is! I'm waving a 'hello' to you from central British Columbia, Canada!
  8. Welcome Tinju, this is the best place online for info about being a VA!
  9. I agree, we all go through itI think. For me, I wanted to think about the business I wanted to have, what was my ultimate goal and how could I word that in one or two words. Then I went to a thesaurus and searched for words with similar meanings. In my business, I want to help others build their business...I want to give them a helping hand, a Boost! And that's where I got my biz name from. You never know where the inspiration will come from, you just have to be open to it when it happens!
  10. Welcome to the club Melissa! Are you in Vancouver BC or Washington? I'm a BC gal and there are several on here that are. This is definitely the best site online for finding info and support in building and growing your VA business. Enjoy the forums and if you get a chance, take a look at the VAInsiders club. There you'll find even more great stuff; templates, members-only forums, and the popular job board where you can respond to RFPs. Best wishes!
  11. I absolutely love GIMP, I can do so much with it and considering the price, I'm tickled! There are tons of brushes you can download for free as well, and Photoshop brushes will also work with GIMP so the sky's the limit! As for OpenOffice, I'm not as big of a fan. It's good for some things, but the toolbars are not as easy to use (for me anyways) as Word. Since I have older versions of MS Office at home and at work, I don't often use the OO, but it's an option. It would just take a little longer to learn if you're already used to Word, etc. The others, I don't have any experience with so I can't help out there.
  12. Welcome to the club and congrats on getting yourself going with the Insiders! This is a great place to not only network with other VAs but also to hone your niche and build your business. Enjoy browsing the forums!
  13. Check out some of these marketing blunders and the lessons that have been learned! One that might be useful for VAs is the Coke example - never underestimate the power of loyal customers! Enjoy!! http://www.cbc.ca/undertheinfluence/season-2/2013/04/06/famous-marketing-blunders/ Cathy
  14. Welcome to the club Joanne! This is the best place online to find out info on building and growing a thriving VA business! Enjoy!
  15. Hi Becky and welcome back to the forums! I think you have a great start to your business, don't worry about the secretarial stuff, there are a lot of VAs who offer those services. If people ask about services you don't/won't handle, you can always refer them to someone else who does. I have referred clients to another VA I know personally who works with authors and she refers proofreading back to me. Considering the number of people wanting to start their own businesses, I think you'll have no problem finding clients too! Sounds to me like you're already on your way!
  16. Hi Kelly, nice to see you getting back to the forum! I too am creative and love spending time playing with GIMP, I'm no graphic artist though LOL! Have fun on the forums!
  17. Welcome to the club LaToya! This is the best place for VAs to be, we'll be looking to you for some expert advice!!
  18. Welcome back Sally! I remember you from just before you went back to work, nice to see you back with us!!
  19. Welcome to the forums Hephzy! I look forward to getting to know you! You'll find these forums are the best place online for information to help you start and grow your VA business. If you have any questions at all don't hesitate at all. Everyone here is so knowledgeable and helpful. Enjoy your time here!
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