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  1. This happened to us about a year ago, and my husband was the one to answer the phone. Long story short, he didn't realize that it was a scam and was just about ready to start doing whatever the guy on the other end told him to when I came home and was able to 'save the day'. Needless to say, the husband is not allowed to do anything when it comes to the computers! LOL The moral of that story is: make sure everyone in your family knows that these calls are scams!
  2. Welcome to the club Lynne! You sound as though you have great experience and good reasons to get started as a VA, and this site and forum are the best places on the internet to get help with any question you may have as far as building your business and gaining clients. Definitely look at attending the VA Virtuosos seminar series coming up in May, it's a week-long event with seminars on a variety of topics and it's a 'don't-miss' event for all VAs! Cathy
  3. Hey Karen, welcome to the club!! This is the best place on the web to find info and encouragement when building your business. Enjoy!
  4. Welcome to the club Abby! You will absolutely love this forum, so many experience VAs here willing to share their expertise, definitely take advantage of their knowledge. Enjoy!
  5. Welcome to the club Dawn! You'll find so much great information here and everyone is very helpful too! Enjoy! Cathy
  6. I picked up a little iBook G4 several years ago and even with a cracked screen (long story) it's been running just fine. We've gone through three PC laptops in the time I've had the mac, no viruses, no problems at all. It's a learning curve but worth it. Saying all that, I still mostly use the PCs instead, basically because the screen is on the iBook is badly cracked and I'm too lazy to plug it into a big monitor! When I can afford it, I'll probably get the screen replaced and keep it as a spare laptop when the laptop I'm currently using finally dies.
  7. I often find that Virtual Assistants are starting their businesses from scratch, and usually with very limited capital for starting out. Anything that can help reduce expenses is a good thing! So...in that reasoning, I found this article about budget-friendly online marketing strategies. Check it out here: 5 Online Marketing Strategies for a Tight Budget Have a great week!! Cathy 5 Online Marketing Strategies for a Tight Budget Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226146#ixzz2OZYoP4RF
  8. Welcome to the club! This is the place to be for VAs!
  9. Thanks Marc, I'll keep that in mind. I'm hoping to get a laptop for myself in a few months so that'll help. The company just picked up one from Costco I think, and I'm not sure it'll do the job, but that's what they got for now.
  10. Welcome to the club Leighanne! You've taken a big step towards your business success by joining the Insiders, you'll find so much info and support here! Enjoy!
  11. Thanks for sharing that app, sounds like a good idea. I don't have clients that text but sometimes my sister will send me links or other things that I want to keep but don't want to clog my text messages. Cathy
  12. Hi Rolonda, welcome to the club! I tell everyone, and firmly believe, that this is the best place on the 'net to find info on building our businesses as VAs! Make sure to browse the forums, everyone has been so helpful to me in building my business and you'll find the same! Cathy
  13. Hi Terry, welcome to the club! You have a lot of experience that I'm sure many of us will gladly tap into!! I'm just a little south of you in Beautiful British Columbia! We're 'enjoying' a return of winter today but breakup is coming soon here. Enjoy these forums and best of luck with your business! Cathy
  14. Hi Victoria, welcome to the club! There are many established VA's on here that may like a little extra help in their business. Make sure to browse the forums and follow some of the topics to get a 'feel' for how different VAs work their business and make some connections. Offer your expertise and I'm sure there will be someone who would love to take you under his/her wings! Cathy
  15. Hi everyone, I'm needing some help and I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for online. I need to have a couple of documents converted to pdf (which is easy, got that part) but within these docs are tables that need to calculate depending on what someone enters as they read the pdf online. Anyone have any ideas as to how to do this? I've put a text box (I'm using OpenOffice Write) in each place where a person needs to enter information, but when I try to insert a sum to total up a range of cells, I keep getting an error message and I'm not sure if it has to do with the text boxes or something else. I don't care if I use text boxes but people will need to enter info online and have it calculate then print off the document. ALSO: in one of the documents is a fairly large spreadsheet (financial projection for a year) but it too needs to open up to a spreadsheet. Should I just create a hyperlink and then create the spreadsheet separately and link the two? It too will need to be editable online and have the person print it once it's filled out. Help??!! Thanks!
  16. Welcome to the club Alice! This is a great place for gaining knowledge of the industry. Have fun in the forums!
  17. I'm going to have to do that I guess. I just hate always relying on everything being on the 'cloud', what if something happens? Mind you - there's probably less chance of Google loosing all my contacts and emails than something on my old computer!
  18. Welcome to the club from a fellow Canuck! I'm on the west side, in central BC. Have fun browsing the forums, there's a wealth of info here and everyone is so very generous and helpful with their knowledge and experience! Enjoy! Cathy
  19. This list of 37 ways to promote your website seems very thorough, what would you add? (if anything?) The Web Marketing Checklist: 37 Ways to Promote Your Website How can you get more visitors to your website? What can you do to stimulate traffic? Here’s a checklist of 37 items you need to consider. Many of these may be doing already; others you meant to do and forgot about; still others you’ve never heard of. Of course, a great deal has been written about this. You’ll find many articles about website promotion on our site. <Click here to continue reading...>
  20. Why can't things just keep on working the way they're supposed to? I use a portable version of Thunderbird and have never had problems with it. Now, I go to open it up and it's asking me to set up a new account...it won't open my usual account and I've had client e-mails, etc on there and now I'm frustrated! Anyone else have this happen and how did you solve it?? Thanks!!
  21. Hi Debby and welcome! This is the best place to get all sorts of VA info and advice!
  22. Thanks Ruth, I'll have to look into getting it I guess.
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