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  1. Hello, Amanda. I just came across your post, and I am so happy for you! You are definitely on the highway to success. Congratulations on your hard work -- it is paying off!
  2. I'm going to complete the survey right now! I had not seen the banner before in my haste to get to the forums. I have become an avid supporter!
  3. I know this post most likely doesn't belong in this category -- but there is an ongoing meet-up discussion in the N.J. area and I didn't want to interrupt that fabulous post. It just makes me want to do the same thing in my area. I live in South Florida, and I would love to try to get the same thing going for all the VAs in the area. I apologize for starting up a new topic here in the Starting Up area. I just didn't want to break up the ongoing discussion happening for all those great New Jersey gals and guys. So 'nuff said. Anyone interested in a South Florida get together? It would be great!
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