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  1. Thanks Linda! I will take a look at the survey link in my free time today! Ashley B.
  2. Just Introducing My Business And Saying Hello!!! About Me My name is Ashley Batiste, and I am the site owner of T.A.V.A. Outside of virtual assisting, I am actively licensed as a Realtor in Alabama & Georgia. The work I do in my Real Estate Profession is stricly to find/ gather leads. I maintain a personal real estate website and any leads I get through this website, I refer to one of my sales partners. Virtual assisting is my full-time profession. I have been Virtual Assisting for a little over a year now. Offline, I have over 5 years of Customer Service, Receptionist, and Human Resources Specialist experience. A Little About My Business T.A.V.A. is short for The Anytime V.A. or The Anytime Virtual Assistant. T.A.V.A. is with-in its first year of being in business, But already has served many individuals and business clients' needs, proving to be a great asset to any company or organization. View more about my busines by visiting: www.TheAnytimeVA.com Thanks for looking!
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