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  1. Hi There, I am just located in the Ottawa Region
  2. Kristen, Good luck with the Candian Contact.... I am also Canadian, and love hockey.... more specific... a US Hockey team ( Detroit Red Wings). I find Candians are great to deal with, but I am sure you were just apprehensive as this client was not in your backyard, so to speak. I think the addition to your contract is a wise one, and I wouldn't mind taking a look at it myself. Free free to email me offline....
  3. Hello Everyone, Just thought I would pop on here quickly and introduce myself before I go and explore these wonderful boards. I have done extensive background work and now am ready for business. I am located in Ontario Canada. I just need to complete a few "must have forms" that I will have available to my clients. I did find it took me quite awhile to create a business name that I liked, and that wasn't taken.com and .ca wise. Unti Later,
  4. Welcome to the group.... Looking forwrd to sharing info with you. Staging is VERY important to selling a home, nice to see you offering that service
  5. Leslie, Welcome, I just sign up here myself. In the process of reinventing my business logo. Until Later, Cindy www.nextpriority.com
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