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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments. I've hounded the support team over at Wix and apparently I am not the only Wix user who complains of slow loading time They are undergoing some "updates" to resolve the issue, but not sure how long that will take. Live and learn, I suppose. Looks like Wordpress will be my new project soon if things don't start speeding up.
  2. Amanda: LOVE it! Thanks for thinking of me Definitely has the "pop" factor and look I"m going for! Danielle: I've noticed that it takes a couple of secs for the page to fully load - it's not loading smoothly (not sure why) but hoping a call to tech support can fix it. It's now loading for me, but just has a brief pause - let me know if you still have issues and thank you for making me aware!
  3. Thanks ladies! Tawnya: Thank you so much for the 1 month trial! I will plan on attending the Clicks for Cash webinar - I"m soaking up as much info as I can Amanda: I totally get it! It needs something - a "wow" factor element. I was thinking of a banner with client testimonials, more graphics ....not entirely sure yet, but hoping it will come to me
  4. Hello everyone, So after months of start up fear and procrastination, I finished (for now) my website and published this afternoon. I would really like to beef up my home page in some way, but want to first work on marketing and securing clients. I"m a perfectionist so this will be an ongoing process for me. I welcome any and all comments and feedback / suggestions. This was my first time building a site (used Wix.com), and for start up purposes wanted to conserve funds but still look like polished and professional. Currently only know Wordpress for blogging, but would like to expand my skills to use it for sites as well once I'm up and running a bit. www.aspireadministrative.com Thank you in advance!!! Bethany Aspire Administrative
  5. Hi everyone, So I'm knee deep in building my website and the perfectionist in me is hung up on what to call myself. I will provide executive support and general business management services and my target (although starting up, will most likely work with clients outside of this range) includes solo/entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and wellness industry professionals. My original biz description was executive support services, but I also would like to provide solutions for creating/implementing admin processes for businesses as I've handled this in the past and really enjoyed it. Should I stick with Virtual Executive Support and include these general business support offerings in my detailed list of services OR change my description to Business Support Services? OR am I over thinking this? Business Name: Aspire Administrative Tag Line: Aspire. Grow. Succeed. Any feedback on that is also greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!
  6. Mena, Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, but I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for your words of encouragement. I recently took a contract job so my business development has taken a bit of the back-burner this last month, but gearing up to get back into the swing of things. Wishing you the best with your business!!
  7. Hi Whittney! I'm also from TX (DFW) and starting up! Best wishes with your pregnancy!
  8. Hi Mena, Thank you so much for such an informative response! I guess my resistance - if you will - is stemming from that I don't feel like I have a lot of "business- tech savvy" topics to blog about RE VA Services (yet). I'm a also a yoga instructor so my natural inclination is to spin my services, blog, and content around finding "balance" and how my services as a VA help my clients achieve that. I plan on starting as somewhat of a "generalist" specializing in executive support (my business talents) and fusing that somewhat with the coaching skills I've taken away being a yoga instructor. I guess I'm just concerned that since I don't yet have a whole lot of knowledge and therefore content relating to specifics such as Infusionsoft, or 1 Shopping Cart or SEO - that people won't be interested in reading my content on finding work-life balance and success (however, those are truly topics I"m interested in writing about) Maybe I'm being a bit too hard on myself? But then we all have to start from somewhere, right? Your comments and advice are much appreciated!
  9. Greetings fellow VA's! I am currently building my website using Wix.com (I plan to train myself on WordPress for websites once I'm up and running a bit). As usual, the more I work on it, the more ideas I have! I wanted to know if any of you include links to articles with helpful tips on working with a VA OR if you write your own copy selling the benefits of using a VA rather than hiring a full time employee. I've seen a handful of websites that give a side by side comparison and not sure I want to add that - would rather give a link to something along those lines if possible. I would also like to add links to inspiring articles, websites RE work-life balance, business success, ect. My question: Is it OK to add links to outside sources under a "resources" page? Is there some kind of permission you need or legality around this - or can you just link to anyone's articles, site, you want? Thank you from TX!!
  10. Hi Danielle - I really like it! I agree - very clean and streamlined and I really like the branding image used for your logo
  11. Has anyone in the startup phase had any luck with gaining clients on Elance? I've done one small transcription job and at one point was in negociations with a potential long term client, before I realized it wasn't a fit It seems pretty hit or miss in my opinion - just wanted to hear your thoughts! Thank you! Bethany Dotson
  12. Thanks everyone for all the encouraging words Will keep you all posted on how things shape up for me. I'm going to continue building my website and marketing for clients and see where this takes me! I think it's one day at a time for right now and if things get to overwhelming with school - I'll know to adjust the hours I'm putting in Have a great week!
  13. HI Everyone! I'm brand spanking new to this site and wanted to introduce myself and get some beginner advice I'm currently in school finishing my BA ( I decided 6 months ago to leave an unhealthy job and return to school -after a 10 year break- to change my career and open up new doors). I finish in May of 2013 and will then go on to grad school. I have been an Executive Assistant and Office Manager for the last 7 years and the idea of venturing out on my own and offering my services to new clients really excites me. PLUS the flexibility of working around my class schedule is perfect. My concerns however are : 1. That I might be biting off more than I can chew by trying to start up my own VA business WHILE trying to finish my last semester. I'm currently on Christmas break so I have a month to explore this path in depth and market myself to clients. 2. That I won't be able to secure enough long term, steady clients to support myself. I'm currently working as a temp EA for a large financial services firm and they've been excellent about working around my school schedule (but currently seeking a full time candidate) - so it was nice knowing I could count on a certain amount of $ per week. So the question of whether I can secure steady clientelle is important for me financially - I've read some posts RE it taking a while to get that first client, so I'm of course hesitant. I have also thought about easing into the VA world through an already established company and have contacted a few with my resume and waiting to hear back. My services would more or less be EA support including social media, email management, research, project management and lite accounting (Quickbooks data entry, financial reports, ect). I also speak French so I would like to use that to market myself as well I'm working on my website currently and hope to have that up and running within a week or so. Does anyone have any experience being a VA while going to school or any advice for me? Thank you all! Bethany Dotson
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