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  1. Thank you both for the update on the software and the new resource to check. Have a great day, Roberta
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could pick your expertise a bit on the Explosion Publisher software. Do you still love it? Does it have newsletter templates? If so, a lot of just a few? What other features stand out for you over other DTP? I am considering purchasing it. However, I wanted to talk to someone who had first hand knowledge and experience with it before I purchase, if that is the way I end up going. My need is for the newsletter & brochure templates, probably more than anything. Thanks for sharing, have a great day; I look forward to connecting with you further and building on our relationship.
  3. Fran, I took the calendar down until I could figure this out. Let me try to place it back on the site tomorrow and then if you don't mind I can send you the link to test it? Thanks so much for responding so quickly, Roberta
  4. Hi Everyone, I am looking to see if anyone knows if you can set up a view only calendar in Google calendars? I have it embedded in my website and want to ad events that people can see. However, I do not want them to be able to edit the event and currently when you click on an event they can click on edit events and have access. I tried making it private, default and public in the change settings. I don't see anything in share this calendar that will allow or disallow. Can it be done, view only calendar in Google calendars? Thanks for your help & have a great day!
  5. Angela: Congratulations! You go girl. You are a hot fire and someone to be reckoned with in the industry. Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us. You are a giver in all ways, shapes and forms Angela and should be extremely proud of your accomplishments. You are one of the ones in the industry with Fire in your Belly! Wahoo!!
  6. Rosaliene: When this happened to me I contacted my web host and they suggested I check the box in the web host system that says Ignore bounce backs. This does not stop the emails from going out however, it will stop them from flooding your inbox. This will help you avoid opening one accidentally or having to delete them. They explained that in a few weeks the ISP address (not your email address) will be flagged and identified as a spammer and it will stop. And it actually worked very well. Now the only thing is if you send a legitimate email and it is returned you won't know that during this period. However, in a few weeks you can un-check the box and should be back to normal. HTH,
  7. Hi Cheryl: I belong to the Blog Squads mentoring program and their recommendation to us is, go for the blog first. They are ranked in the Search Engines before a newsletter is. Patsi, one of the Blog Squad also has a sight www.customizednewsletters.com that may help. No, not an affiliate. Have a great day!
  8. Good Morning: Candy I am not sure what you are referring to “you being a moron for agreeing with Leann & Dusty”. However, let me be the next moron to step up...LOL From previous posts Leanne, Connie and Dusty know that I am an absolute advocate of letting the professionals do what they do best when it comes to web design and graphic (logo design) and branding. There is nothing more important than your image and reputation to the world. And from what I have learned... There is no better investment in your business than that image. If there was only one piece of information that I could share with new entrepreneurs it would be to get your website, logo and your overall branding done by the experts. Side note: That does not mean the cheapest. I am currently undergoing my branding and I can not even tell you the insight that my graphic designer http://www.Sam101.com has provided. I would have never seen what she sees. Experts like Connie, Leanne and Diane Carter (from http://www.Sam101.com,) who is designing my entire POWER branding have visions of what we want to interpret that we could not imagine having. Rely on their expertise and experience and let them do what they do best and love to do. Those of us who are not web designers, graphic artists should focus on what we are experts in and love to do. Tawnya for media image; Kari for SEO, these people are experts in what they do. For me, one of the ways I measure Exceptional Customer Service is to purchase from an expert. You can read my passionate opinion of doing so at http://www.womensonlinemagazine.com/articl...?articleID=1787. My business is undergoing a complete make over (name, website, logo, tag line, branding etc.) and I can not wait to unveil my professionally designed branding, which will occur over the next 3 weeks. And one of the reasons I am going to be so proud of it is, because it is being done professionally. Now, not everyone is going to love it or even like it. But the point is that it is being designed to appeal to my target market. In turn it will increase my sales results. That’s a good investment in every business book, I have read. I hope this helps someone. I know we have had this conversation many, many times. And we all can’t say it enough, investing in your image (website, logo, tag line, branding) will not only differentiate you but it is like investing in your first home. It can only appreciate the value of your business. Have a great day!
  9. Laura: How fabulous is that!! Wow, Michael Russer, the ICON of Real Estate Virtual Assistants, you should be so proud. Congrats to all of you who were featured. What are you doing in celebration? Looking forward to reading your announcement and press release announcing your milestone. Have a great day!
  10. Hi Stacy: It is very possible that your agent can not provide the insurance. State Farm does provide it as Candy mentioned. State Farm is not consistent across the country even though they have a specific policy on their website that may work for you. Sorry, I forget the name of it. Your agent has provided you some great advice to go through a broker. A broker has the ability to do your shopping for you. They take the same information that an Independent Agent takes and they submit it to all the insurance companies that could offer you insurance. Similar to the Lending Tree concept; you know that company that uses the same business model for mortgages via banks. I would take him up on his offer and to find brokers in your area that are recommended. Contact your local www.SCORE.org agency. They would be happy to recommend a few or you can check out the yellow pages. Have a great day!
  11. Hi Rosie: Thank you for the response. No, I actually wanted each place to have their own home per se. So the sub domain I beleive is probably the solution. I will be linking to each the column, the radio show, the website for both clients & customer service coaching in all of the venues when approriate. Have a great day! Leanne thanks again for your direction...
  12. Leanne, I knew you would be one of the people that knew the answer to this question. And I knew it was simple and I was just missing the boat. I do believe (however will double check) that I have unlimited sub domains with my hosting, as I have a reseller account. So how would the hierarchy look? thecustomercorner.com then sub domain: thecustomerscorner.com/radio or thecustomerscorner.radio.com or thecustomerscorner/radio.com Thanks so much for your time. The pain in my brain has subsided a bit..lol
  13. Good Afternoon Everyone: This is a techie question and I just can’t seem to get my arms around the process. Website designers might be able to help with this question. I am writing a column called “The Customers Corner” for an On-line Women’s Magazine. In conjunction with the column we are launching a radio show, same name The Customers Corner. I want to create a website and have purchased the domain thecustomerscorner.com. I want to be able to redirect people from the website to the column in the magazine and to the radio show using the same domain name. The mission and vision of all of these venues will focus on bringing people together to share their best service recommendations, insight and tips on how to improve the level of customer service that we provide and receive as consumers. The only way in my head that I can do that is to purchase additional domain names, such as, thecustomerscornerradio.com and thecustomerscornercolumn.com. Is that so? Or is there another way to do this re-direct that I just don’t grasp? Thanks so much for your help here. This is hurting my brain, it has been in there for days rolling around...lol
  14. Kelly, Separating the lines out will also allow you to run a report and see how much time you are giving away for FREE. A good way to increase your rates later if you find you need to. You wouldn't actually be increasing your rates, you would just be reducing the amount of free time you give away. HTH,
  15. Good Morning Everyone: Wonderful idea and some have updated us within the last few days. Where is everyone else at with meeting the goals you set for yourself? I have found when I document a goal, I also have to print it, so I can see it every day. Create a vision board if you need to. Have a great day!
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