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  1. Eeek..Sorry about the formatting on that - it's looooooonnnnngg.. Julie
  2. Hi.Do you have a personal and/or business twitter profile? As a VA does it help to have both or just one? I set up a personal profile (@wooliemonster, a nickname) to learn about twitter. I have now set up a business with a different profile name (@frizzy_logic). I have a dillemma as to whether I ask people to start following me on the business profile and have both business and personal (not too personal) tweets. Other VA's that I follow only have one and it seems to give them more of a personality. I only have 43 followers (only a few actual friends), and 39 that I follow, so it's small on the personal profile, and 1 person on the business (only launched it last week). Perhaps I should've just changed the personal name to the business - but it's too late for that now. What do you do? What works? Hope that made sense. Thanks Julie
  3. Thanks so much everyone for your time and suggestions. I am still giggling about the indigestion one!!! I have ended up choosing a USB stick - silver, shaped as a heart with DIAMONTES on half. Give your business sparkle with social media (or something). It was funky and I just had to give it a try- pity I can't win. I will certainly offer services another time. Still gaining experience for now. Shouldn't be any issues with the speaker - she is a writer and publisher with lots of experience in social media and we don't overlap. I have interacted with her already and she is very sweet. No-one else does what I do in this network currently. Is going to be a busy week- finalizing logo, designing business cards and flyers, Facebook and website. Will do what I can and see what happens.... Ahhh learning curve Julie
  4. I will be "launching" my new Social Media VA business (Frizzy Logic Social Media) at a women's networking lunch in 2 weeks. The speaker is discussing Social Media, so I decided I needed ramp up my preparation and be there! To gain some exposure on the day, I will be offering a door prize and will be able to put my flyers and business cards in the take home bags. Any ideas on a door prize? I have rather frizzy hair, so there's always that angle. Julie (Frizzy Logic Social Media)
  5. Hi. I'm Julie of Frizzy Logic Social Media. I'm still in the process of setting up my new VA business, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! It's a madhouse here currently - trying to get the logo sorted and THEN setting up website and social media networks - but somewhat fun...in amongst the parenting of my 3 year old son. I'm based in Perth, Australia. And it's stinking hot here (34 degress during the day and I going to be a minimum of 18 tonight - too hot!) I look forward to interacting with all you wonderful VA's - and learning heaps from you. Julie (Frizzy Logic Social Media)
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