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  1. Ladies, Thanks for your replies above. I know how to create a PDF from a Word document, no problem. I suppose I've been looking at a couple of Ebooks and I'm unsure how you get the front picture on the website? Is this just a pic with a link attached? Thanks Colette
  2. Jason, Join some Networking Groups in your city. I have started to go to these and they are proving invaluable. Best way to meet businesses and their people. Colette Herman
  3. Hi All, I need to know everything about Ebooks!!! How to create them, how to post them anything that anyone knows. Thanks in advance. Colette
  4. HI All, I was generally wondering what everyone would consider would be a reasonable one off payment or percentage fee for ongoing work through another firm for their clients? Let's say if my fee per hour was $40 ... I have just started my business and this question has just arisen? Thanks in advance for replies...... Colette Herman
  5. Colette Heman Located in Brisbane Australia. I have started a business called Internet Secretary. I have generally just started out. I have started a website, registered my business etc. www.internetsecretary.com.au Thanks
  6. Hi All, I've just completed my website and I was wondering if you can please look over it. I know the green colours are bright but I really want colour involved. If someone is also able to check it reads ok and that I haven't missed any information. www.internetsecretary.com.au Thanks Colette
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