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  1. What about 'Targeting Your Business Needs'?
  2. So, after much mulling about, I *think* I've decided. Please give me your feedback. Fletcher Admin Targetting Your Success. Logo will involve an arrow and/or target in some way (Fletcher = someone who makes arrows. arrows shoot at target..... just to explain the thought pattern). Comments? Suggestions?
  3. Hi! I'm Lisa Marie. I'm just getting started with my business, at least officially! I've been doing VA work for the last 5 years for various companies and people, but never really thought of it as such. Now, as our family has grown a little, and my husband started a new job a year ago that has paid less than his old one - we need some more income and it's time for me to get started on my own adventure! Right now, I'm hoping to start as being a Customer Service Specialist - helping businesses with their customer service email overloading. I know that those emails tend to be the same 5-10 questions over and over - so how helpful and smart time managing would it be to have someone ELSE answer those questions and be able to focus on other parts of your business! I'm more than happy to repeat myself all day long to people (after all - I'm a mom! I do it all day already! haha). My ultimate plan is to offer blog set up and design. I've done this for so many people and for myself MANY times and love doing it. There's a thrill in tracking down the perfect template for that person or topic, creating a header that is a good representative for that blog, dealing with personalizing all the code to make it one of a kind, and the satisfaction of seeing a completed project. Although I could probably do that now, I'd like to learn more about WordPress before I make it official. I know a lot, but I want to know more. On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: I live in Whitby, Ontario, Canada Are you married? How long?: I sure am. 2011 will be 10 years! Any kids and how old? I have 3 boys. They are 6½, almost 5 and 3. And I'm homeschooling. Just to make life more exciting! haha. Hobbies & Interests: Does Facebook count? hehe. I spend most of my non-cleaning, non-kid related time surfing the web learning things or playing online games. How did you hear about us? Hmm, I'm actually not 100% sure. I *think* it was about 3-4 years ago at a WAHM online conference. I logged it into my brain then, but never really joined. Excited to learn more from all you wise women, especially as I get going and kick myself into action! Thanks for letting me be a part of the community!
  4. Hi, I'm Lisa Marie. I'm new here although I've been an unofficial VA for a long while. I'm just getting myself thinking of making my business official and going from there. What I've been doing today (besides reading a whole lot of information here on this forum/website and nearly blowing my mind haha) is coming up with a niche idea. I'm wondering about this. I love to set up blogs. It's almost like an addiction - haha. I LOVE the challenge of finding the perfect theme for the person/topic/need I'm working on. I love to do all the busy-work involved in uploading themes and creating headers and customizing them, etc. I have made myself and my friends so many blogs. I love to see the final products. It's the every day content that I generally fall behind on. The creating of it is what I'm passionate about. Of course, this means I need to repurchase Photoshop since my desktop computer went crazy and we had to reformat it all. Lost my program and apparently lost my CD too - boo. Anyhoo.... that's a minor issue. Is blog creation/refreshing (blogger and wordpress) too narrow? What if I focused on Internet Marketers, offering to post their content to their websites if they send it to me? I could offer to proofread, edit, etc their articles, add a public domain photo if applicable (or customer supplied - whatever works), and uploading content. I could offer to write articles too - I used to really enjoy ghostwriting for another WAHM's blog when I was her assistant. How would a person charge for such a job? (Jumping ahead of myself, I'm sure). Was thinking of a flat rate per blog setup? And maybe a per article charge for the uploading? I could charge per article as well. Is there some "official" education training I should look into - like a course on website design (although I'm fairly proficient at skills like HTML). I do need to learn more about CSS, etc. I am wondering about an Internet Marketing/SEO course as well? Feedback appreciated! Excited to learn more. Thanks! Lisa Marie.
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