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  1. could someone send me the link for word press please.
  2. This message showed up when i tried to register................... •Sorry. Maximum Contact list limit reached. Please inform website operator of this problem. Tell them they need to upgrade
  3. Hi all , sorry for all the rookie questions, but can someone help me with the main points to write a business plan. i really want to get this rolling. Thank you all for the help Regards Dolly
  4. Hi all i have't started my business just yet but found alot of helpful information on this network. Sinch i'm starting from scratch how do i beging to find my customers? Thank you Dolly
  5. If there are any canadian VA reading this post, how do i go about registering my business and what are the steps i need to take eg: Do i register my business with canada revenue agency. I notice in some post i will need to deduct from my self CPP and IE . I Think my main concern is the legal part of the business. Thank you Dolly
  6. Hi, My name is dolly. i joined a fews back and hoping to learn alot. I'm currently employed as a Health and Beauty manager. i enjoy what i do but, just looking to buy my self some more time with the kids. Have a great day everyone
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