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    Barrie, Ontario, Canada
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    I have owned Executive Assistance Business Solutions Inc. since 2000.

    Executive Assistance provides virtual assistant services and full service website design and hosting in Canada. Our Virtual Assistant services will save you time and money by providing professional, administrative and marketing support to your small and/or home-based business. We provide word processing, marketing assistance, desk top publishing, bookkeeping and invoicing, event planning, database management and more.

    The Executive Assistance head office is located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada and uses state of the art technology. Utilizing fax, email, ftp, telephone, couriers, mail and web based tools (Skype, NetMeeting, MSN Messenger, Windows Remote Assistance, GoToMyPC.com, WebDrive and many more) we provide services to clients worldwide in a professional and timely manner.

    I co-founded The Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection (http://www.cvac.ca) along with my partner, Janice Byer in 2003.

    The Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection (CVAC ) is the only organization created solely for Canadian Virtual Assistants. We provide a venue for VAs to network, share knowledge and skills, plan events and obtain valuable support from other VAs in various stages of business development.

    The mission of CVAC is to connect VAs and clients globally. Canadian VAs possess among them the high standards of education, experience and professionalism required to provide exemplary business support services. Through a solid knowledge base, a growing network, and exchange of innovative ideas, Canadian VAs are making their mark on a growing profession.

    In 2008 we published our book, How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant Business (http://howtobuildavirtualassistantbusiness.com)

    Now there is a Virtual Assistant book that will answer all of your questions about starting a VA business in detail and using proven methods for succeeding as a VA. Anything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to become a VA—and earn top dollar doing it—is all here in this one, affordable resource.

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  1. Hi Everyone! Can you help me please? We need 100 subscribers to do our VA Association Launch party 'on air' this Friday. You won't get any emails, you won't get notifications. If you just click and subscribe you'd really be helping me out. Thanks. BTW, you're all invited...there will be prizes and lots of fun. Tawnya from VANetworking is a guest and she's giving away some great stuff too. Http://www.youtube.com/user/ElayneWhitfield
  2. I'm in. Booked, reserved and confirmed. Terry, Sally, and Tawnya it will be GREAT to see you again. And I'm looking forward to meeting, in person, all the VAs that I know online. I'll be coming in on Friday at 5:00 ish - maybe earlier. I'm trying to talk Caley into coming with me. Tawya, lean on her a bit if you can.
  3. Happy Birthday Sally!! All my best wishes for the upcoming year - I hope it brings you everything that you want. Cheers!!!
  4. Yes, I'm still on track to quit smoking. I am planning to quit on Sunday. Thanks for the motivation Sally and for the support from everyone. After that I'll work on the exercising, drinking more water and eating healthier.
  5. Thanks everyone. And it was great to meet you too, Tena. I love that I actually KNOW people on this forum now - it's like having a whole bunch of friends right there in my computer.
  6. Thank you very much!! That's my first happy birthday of the day - my kids forgot. But I am getting taken out for lunch and dinner and what could be better than a day packed full of eating activities.
  7. I LOVE to move. Generally speaking everytime I needed to clean out the storage room or re-paint I would just move instead. Now we've been in our house for over 3 years and I'm getting antsy. Hey Tawnya, I went and looked at the itinerary and it says that the ship leaves on January 6. I just want to make sure what ship you're going on in case we decide to surprise you!!!
  8. I just bought your book yesterday too. Great Book!
  9. Okay - I'm saying it outloud and typing it. That is a big committment. I am quiting smoking next week (after my birthday). Scary. If I'm snappish for a couple of days (weeks, months, years) please forgive me.
  10. I have a client (realtor) who has been advised that he needs to consider having stealth sites to increase his exposure. Does anyone know what a stealth site is? Are they useful? If so, does he need one or many?
  11. Congratulations Sally - you're a perfect fit here. I'm assuming that my getting up from my desk and going outside for a cigarette isn't what you had in mind, right?
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