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  1. Most definitely not too high. I found the more technical projects warrant a higher rate.
  2. Thanks Kim, I'm familiar with the stand alone version of ACT. It has some limitations that may not be the best solution. Thanks again. I'll see what all comes back from this post. Julie
  3. Hi, can anyone recommend an online database program. My client has about 5,000 names with about 50 fields and is looking for an online database management system. Anyone know of a good one to recommend? Thanks!!
  4. Does anyone know Infusionsoft well? I have a client that needs some help from a very experienced Infusionsoft VA. Thanks,
  5. Has anyone ever worked with or accepted work from 121temps.info? If so, what was your experience.
  6. Just curious, how do you convince a client they need SEO & SEM if they try to insist they don't need it?
  7. Thanks Angela, that is a great tool. It is very helpful to see how the search engines see your site!!
  8. I'm real fond of 1 & 1. I've never had any problems, the prices is unbelievable and I have all of my sites there.
  9. Here are some that I have used: Amazines http://www.amazines.com Article Alley http://www.ArticleAlley.com Article Bar http://www.articlebar.com Article Beach http://www.articlebeach.com Article Biz http://www.ArticleBiz.com ArticleBlast http://www.articleblast.com ArticleCafe http://www.articlecafe.net ArticleConnection http://www.articleconnection.com ArticleDashboard http://www.articledashboard.com ArticleRich http://www.articlerich.com Articles 411 http://www.articles411.com Blogticles http://www.blogticles.com ExDesign http://www.ex-designz.net/submitarticlecategory.asp Ezine Articles http://www.ezinearticles.com/members/ FreeArticles&Content http://www.freearticlesandcontent.com Idea Marketers http://www.ideamarketers.com/login.cfm?CFI...FTOKEN=80886091 ArticleMarketer http://www.articlemarketer.com LinkSnoop http://www.linksnoop.com/article_submit.php MarketingArticleBank http://www.marketingarticlebank.com SearchWarp http://www.searchwarp.com Article Bin http://www.articlebin.com Articles Factory http://www.ArticlesFactory.com
  10. Hi, yes I do some and I use Camtasia. My sub rates are XXX per hour. Thanks, Julie
  11. Leanne, did you hide that one from me?? :-) Or did I just miss it in the hundreds of emails I sent you. Thanks for all your help. Leanne Rocks, she's taught me so much!!!
  12. I was kind of wondering the same thing. Not for the same reason but by the time 7pm EST rolls around I'm pooped!! I would love to participate.
  13. Awesome!! I was fighting with this a few weeks back. Good to know. Thanks,
  14. Hi there, I'm in Kentucky and used to have a client in Connecticut. Sorry I just found your post.
  15. I tired to submit my blog and I got this error: Form Submission Error We're sorry, but there was a problem with your form submission. Please click the link below to return to the form and correct your error(s). Please correct the following: Click here to try again. I tried it about 10 times. Please advise. Thanks!
  16. Yes, this is the one I read too. Virtual Assistant: The Series - Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA.
  17. I am a VAInsider and I do answer the RFP's there but I realize that not everyone is an Insider...........hint, hint...........IT'S WELL WORTH IT!! I was hestitant at first but after the first year it was a no-brainer. If you are going to spend your money on anything, become an Insider. That being said, I'm available for subcontract work and I am highly skilled in the technical areas. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
  18. Hey Candy, First of all congratulations!! Also, we have a common thread. I understand you work with Ros. She's the best!! Happy New Year.
  19. I have found 2.7 to be the most user friendly version yet!! I'm loving it.
  20. I've been in the business for a little over 3 years but haven't done much in the way of interacting with other VA's. It is one of my 2009 resolutions. I've been Insider Member for a little over a year and 1/2 and it's been well worth it. Good luck to everyone that is starting this year. Happy New Year
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