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  1. Hello fellow and inspiring VA's and other virtual professionals! I'm looking for individuals interested in participating in my new program for FREE called "Concept to Launch - Making your Dream Reality". If you have an idea/product/service you have just launched or are thinking of launching this is for you! It's a full start up guide that takes you from concept, to creation, to set up and launch. I already have a few people in and this is only for a limited time before I start charging for the program. This is for serious individuals only, so if that's you fill out the form below! http://www.formstack...7761-csYh0S1zAd If you are unfamiliar with who I am and my background you can find out more at www.amandamock.com I look forward to helping your businesses grow .
  2. This is now CLOSED! Thanks for all the great responses guys! I will be reviewing the applications over the next week or so and then reaching out in 2 or 3 weeks once I have everyone fully qualified.
  3. WOW! Getting responses already! I have advertised this on a few different VA networking sites and for ease of use I have moved the application process to a form to make everything nicely organized. I want to make sure to get a range of individuals so please fill it out as best you can. Also, NO you wont be signed up for any weird mailing lists unless you request to be . Here is the form: http://www.formstack.com/forms/?1130804-oDctiZynSP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am opening an exciting new educational site just for VA's! And we are starting to approach our launch! In running my Multi-VA company I was struggling to dividing my time up between associates to train them on the latest social media skills and other tasks so that they could handle a wide range of clients. In an effort to combat that I created videos as educational materials internally. After being asked AGAIN by a client "How do you come up with all this great stuff" I decided it was time to share this wonderful information. At that time I started to process of re-branding these videos and developing the material into educational pieces and I am about to offer them on a website which includes certificate preparation as well (A+ and Microsoft Office Specialist). These materials will teach you Social Media Basics for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube (interacting and creating profiles on a professional level), Social Media Marketing strategies, as well as how to use great online tools (Infusion soft, WordPress, Joomla, so on). My goal is to provide associates great information in a format they can follow. Because of this I"m offering Free access to my Facebook basics course for a select few. So this is your chance. Its a $250 value and it will teach you all the in's and out of Facebook as a service as well as Facebook's terms and conditions. I am offering this for FREE! So if you are interested please Post below or PM me directly. I will only be taking 5 individuals for this offer. Come into my beta and let me know what you think!
  4. Hello, I attempted to sign up for the VA Insiders membership. The first time I attempted to process my payment it took me to a page that stated "page not found" so I went through and did it again, and it happened... again. Then I go and check my email and I see I have been charged twice. Could I Have one of these reversed please? Thank You Edit: I also can't access the jobs area.
  5. Amanda, I started my business after being laid off and not being able to find any other work. I decided hey if I can't find work I might as well make my own right? Well not I own a successful multi VA business. So take it and run with it. As long as you work hard and provide excellent service you can go far.
  6. I Google every one of my clients, and I learned why it was important with my first potential one ever. After I received a call from a perspective client she had big talk and all kinds of needs. After a quick Google of her name and business alone I found tons of poor feedback and information on her. Feedback from her customers who were treated poorly/did not get their product as well as designers (she ran a jewelery store) that were ripped off and never got payment for supplying their product. After finding that it was obvious she was not someone I could fully trust to do business with. I did end up working with her in the future, but I made it a point to only accept prepaid services from her. She balked at this, but eventually did it anyway.
  7. I second Logmein Pro, there is a free version of logmein but I don't believe it allows you the ability to print. Logmein is a very reliable program and I have used it for fortune 500 companies when I used to be an IT slave, I highly suggest it.
  8. Nice colors, good flow, good job I like it!
  9. Your Name:Amanda Your Website URL (if applicable):http://www.virtuallittlehelper.com Years in Business:1/2 Description of your Business, including any specialties: A Multi Virtual Assistant company that offers administrative, IT, Web development, and Bookeeping services for our clients.I personally specialize in web development and social media. On a more personal note: Hmmm, I love music and being an uber geek. I honestly find coding and developing fun... What City/Town/State/Country are you from?:Lancaster, CA a few hours North of LA. Are you married? How long?: No Any kids and how old? Two 6 year old and a 6 month old, both girls . Hobbies & Interests: Music, games, being physical, programming and coding. How did you hear about us? Google
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