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  1. I don't see a problem with using a resume. I have used them for my VA business as well as other businesses. I don't use the resume as a way to show my chronological work history, but as a way to highligh my training, expertise, qualifications, etc. I only include work related items. I use it to show off how good I am at my job. However, I can see your point that you want to be viewed a certain way and that the potential client may not fully understand what a VA is and asking for a resume might indicate he thinks you'll be an employee. It a personal decision. good luck whatever you decide!
  2. Thanks Brandi, I'll try the links. I though of copying and pasting into word, but it looks funny, but at least all of the info is there. Thnx!
  3. Hi! I am working on a project for a client and was asked to do some online research. The sample the client provided me was formatted as if he just pushed "control P", so it is not really a pretty copy. But when I print from my own computer, it cuts off a huge chunk from the right margin-like 2 inches. Do you have any tips to make it print correctly from the screen? I've tried portait and landscape and changing the paper size and the total print size (within print preferences) and it is still messed up. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  4. Hi, I want to know if anyone has any tips for printing straight from a computer screen. I need to print data from a computer screen before it is turned into a "report". And when I print, the right edge keeps getting cut off. I am doing this for another agent, and was asked to print it from the screen (ie pushing "control P" or just hitting the print icon, so it is not really formatted for printing), so I don't know if there is a report that I can run with the same information. I'm not sure which info he actually needs, so I don't want to submit things that are chopped up, KWIM? I have tried portait, landscape and changing the size in printing preferences, but it is still missing a big chunk of info. Thanks! Meredith
  5. Wow!! Thanks for all of the good responses. You guys have definitely given me food for thought. (I had some virus/pop up problems and have been off-line for a few days) I had a lot of time to think about pricing while I was on vacation. During that time -based upon the 1st few commments-I thought a lot about pricing. Based upon the new info I viewed today, I now have even more to think about. I didn't consider taxes indepth (we own out home and have a larger family so we usually work out ok in that area) but it is definitely something I have to consider. I usually got to http://www.turbotax.com to estimate our tax liability. But I hadn't yet attempted to calculate VA pay and tax liability. Also, the baby factor-he's just under 1 1/2 Thank you for bringing that up. Just 2 days ago I designed a daily schedule that includes time to care for my own kids needs as well as perform my VA work related duties. But, I really appreicate the heads up that kids can take away from your time-they definitely have that ablity to interrupt. But I do love them and that's why I want to develop my VA practice, so I can meet their needs, so again, I REALLY appreicate you all bringing up potential conflicts between my 2 goals. Thank you too, fo the comments about billable hours not usually being as many as a typical employee. Oh and to everyone who knows good old Elk Grove. It's neat that people know my little suburb. THANK YOU TO ALL who are giving me motivation and reasons to bill appropriately. I guess I was trying to figure out what is low and what is average...but I think I have a better understanding now....
  6. typing while holding baby, so excuse typos.... Cheryl, re what you said about Sacramento, I have realized that paret of my pricing thinking has to do with our local market-which does pay lower than I guess what should be paid. So I understand that your saying not to look at it in those terms. I have registered 2 business names-the other one is not so regionally limited-it has nothing to do with my area. But I guess I'm having a hard time understanding why it should be 25, 30 or 35 per hour.... Not to be offensive, but I need to understand something if I'm going to sell it ir do it, KWIM? I am curently a business owner and am doing this to work fewer hours than I currently do, and I guess I feel like it's too much for a business oner to afford...kwim? or am I wrong? No oofense to anyone, i'm just trying to gain understanding.
  7. Not to beat a dead horse, as I've seen this topic addressed several times, but I'd appreciate more opinions and reasons regarding pricing. Blunt is ok. I know that pricing too low is bad for any business owner-it makes it so that you can't pay your bills and it spoils your customers and hurts you in the long run. But, to get started, does anyone think it is ok to start out with low rates-like $18 hourly and $16/hour retainer? I have many relatives and friends who work on site admin type jobs and earn around 13, so I think that is a "fair" rate. Then again, I pay my cleaning lady 15.50/hour and this is way more skilled work than house cleaning. I really appreicated someones comment earlier in another thread that if the business owner doesn't make at least what we, as VA's, need to make, a business relationship probably won't work anyway. I want to charge on the lower end of typical rates-not be the cheapest... When I did the excel pricing guide here on VAN, at estimated 30 billable hours per week, I found out I need to bill around $33/hour but could potentially go down to $22... (including spending a few hundred a month on advertising) How much is it typical to discount your retainer rates? Do you set your hourly fees at your cost and discount retainer fees -assuming you won't need to spend as much money on your own admin work and advertising or do you set hourly fees higher than "cost" What if your cost is low? How low is too low for the industry and why? Short, simple and blunt is ok. Thanks in advance ladies...
  8. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm so glad I found this board. Meredith
  9. I just wanted to "formally" introduce myself since I'm on here often, mostly just looking, but I did post a response to an RFP. My name is Meredith and the name of my business is Elk Grove Virtual Assistant. I'm a newer VA, and my background is as a successful business owner who has learned how to do administrative work for myself. I specialize in offering VA services in the industries I owned businesses in-Child Care and Development and Real Estate. I guess that's enough about the work side of me. I am a mom to 3 great kids-DD age 11, DS age 7 and DS age 1. The older 2 are at vacation Bible school right now, which I why I have time to just browse and post. If any of you can reccomend a good VA book, maybe one with required business templates (invoince, contracts, etc.), please let me know. I'm on a strict budget, so I haven't purchased VAS. But if you think it is what I need, please let me know. Nice to meet you all. Meredith
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