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  1. That's great, Pamela! Something IS better than nothing and at least you will be listed for exposure, right? Great start!
  2. You have to tyope in the first and last names, not the usernames (just tried it)!
  3. Kimmer, What a funny story! Although I'm sure it wasn't at the time! Anyways, you guys can look me up as well...my username name is questmg. I'm also connected to other VA's as well, so look for my logo!
  4. Naomi, Without having to re-enter all the info again, have him print out a report of the transactions from Company A, use the totals and do a journal entry in Company B's books. This way the amounts are still recorded in the right company's books. Of course, this would only work if he does not need the specifics such as date of transaction, each individual transaction amount...etc. Good luck!
  5. Thank you guys! Naomi, THANKS a bunch for the in depth review! I will definitely make those changes! You're awesome!
  6. Hi everyone! After a few recent feedbacks, I have decided to change the look of my website. I was getting a lot of hits on my site but still had no prospects. Anyway, so I changed it from the fuzzy warm-feeling site to a brighter, sharper site. It's still not the best due to a low budget but I think for now it'll have to do. Most of the contents stayed the same, I just added quotes from various VA articles on the Home Page. Please let me know what you guys think...if the change was a bad or good one...etc. Thanks a bunch!
  7. Retainers are considered "Unearned Fees" and created under "Other current liability" (just like Security Deposits). When the services are rendered, you have to go in and debit Unearned Fees and credit Fees Earned or Services Income (however you have your service income set up). You can go in and make adjustments using journal entries if that helps. If you go to Quickbooks "help" menu, you can find out how to set up the accounts to track the payment under "Tracking advance payments from retainer customers"
  8. I am not currently using Quicken for any of my clients right now but just off the top of my head, you can enter the new invoice (or credit) and print a statement which will show the difference. I hope this helps, not quite sure if that was your question.
  9. For the cheapest, most simpliest way to keep track of your books would be MS Money. It's sooooooooooooo easy to use and not expensive at all! They usually offer a 30 day trial version, go to their site and check it out.
  10. Welcome to the group, Nadia! I'm sure you'll be able to find the help you need here! Good luck!
  11. Naomi, Well, in accounting, even though it is structured a certain way there are still many ways of doing accounting as I have found out from working with 5 different CPA's the last few years. Anyway, Owners Draw can still be an expense (just like payroll, commission, bonus...etc) and that's the simpliest way to keep track for beginners. A draw is also consider Equity, when you invest $$ into your company, you record it as Capital which is considered Owner's Equity (increase), when you take a draw, the balance in Owner's Equity decreases. I hope I'm not confusing you! If you plan on having an accountant do your taxes, they will probably prefer that you use the the 2nd method. BTW, I would not classify it under Comm & Bonus! You want to keep them separate. Let me know if you need detail (specific) help!
  12. Naomi, There are two ways of doing this, you can either create a catagory in the Expense section and just name it Owner Draw or in the Other Current Liability section. To me, it's just an accountant's preference. Hope to this helps!
  13. I know it's late, but figure I could put my two cents into this :-) 1. How many of you simply dislike numbers? only like numbers when they balance out :-) 2. How many of you wish you be able to outsource your own bookkeeping so you can dedicate more time to your projects? If I did outsource then my client's would have no need for then 3. If you were to find a reliable source for the right price, would you consider it? Nope. Do all my bookkeeping myself. 4. How much would you be willing to pay (you can be as realistic and honest as possible)? $0 5. What stops you from outsourcing your own books (besides money), when you just don't like to deal with numbers or just don't want to deal with that side of your business? Becuz that's my job.
  14. Jennifer, Yes! Having peers give me feedback on my web site has really helped! Everyone who saw it at the beginning have said I did wonderful changes to it! So I thank all of you guys for your advice! And I'm glad neither of yu held back! Sara
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