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  1. Sorry about your computer! But don't worry, you'll find a way to get things together and you'll be up and running in no time!
  2. Good luck on your approval and move, Tawnya! I know exactly what you're going through. We did the same thing, from a 4 bed 2200 sf house to a ($2000) to 750 sf apartment ($800). But of course, it's just temporarily for my husband while me and my son moves to CA but we've been staying here the last couple weeks and it's great! It's cute and saves me over a $1000 a month! Sometimes less is more (more money!) Good luck!
  3. Ok, gang! I could use some help here.... I've been with AT&T for years but they screwed me around one too many times and in the heat of the moment I canceled my service without having another service ready (bad move on my part because I can't live without my cell phone!). Now, I haven't been too happy with their service, both coverage and customer service, so I'm actually relieved that I can go somewhere else. Anyway, now I'm debating on which service to go with. I've read reviews from various web sites and it seems Verizon and TMobile are the two best ones out there, espeically coverage. Keep in mind, the coverage I will need most is in both Southern CA and Chicago. This is important for me because in both the last house I was in and the current one, I had/have absolutely NO service whatsoever so everytime the phone rings, I have to run outside to chat which really stinks! Any take on this?
  4. Hi all! I'm back from Atlanta (actually on Wed) and had a great time! The drive wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be (12 hours). We were lucky to have some time to kill and visit my in-laws on the way back in southern Illinois. We arrived at our hotel downtown around 8:30 PM Sunday night and there was so much traffic we didn't know why. So we checked into the hotel, got settled in and decided to walk around the city to find a nearby restaurant. As soon as we walked out, we heard loud music and suddenly fireworks! We turned the corner and to our surprise we were right next to the Centennial Olympic Park where there were thousands of people gathered around for their fireworks show! It was great! Anyway, my son did EXTREMELY well for his first Jr Olympic event, but unfortunately he lost 25-23! It was so close, everyone kept yelling "Two more points, Keondre! Two more points!". But we're so proud that he did so well. There was another match with two other kids where the score was 20-0! I felt so bad for that kid! Anyway, glad to be back....got a lot of work to catch up on! I'll share some photos as soon as I upload them! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!
  5. Sounds like fun...wish I could go. I could use some fun time right about now...
  6. Welcome to the group, Laura! We've got a great group of people here so enjoy your stay!
  7. Welcome to the group, Donna! Enjoy your stay here!
  8. Monster should be notify as well! I know they usually do background checks before they let companies post. I almost never pay any attention to those 'work from home' postings....too suspicious for me.
  9. Welcome to the group, Zanthea! I was just in Atlanta over the holiday weekend...MUUUUUGGY! The fireworks was great downtown though! Anyway, you'll love it here, enjoy your stay!
  10. Hi everyone! We're packing up and heading down to Atlanta early tomorrow for the Jr Olympics. I'm not especially looking forward to the drive because it is such a short stay but it's better than flying! Yes, I am afraid of flying. Usually I'll fly ONLY if I have no other choice. Then again I've been told that I have a better chance of winning the lottery than be in a plane crash.....hmmmm, I didn't win yesterday's Mega Millions so where does that leave me now? Anyway, I'll be back Wednesday and you better believe I will have my laptop with me! That's 3 days away from work....ugh! Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!
  11. Christin, I would personally do both. Do a mail out (perhaps postcards) and also keep some of your marketing materials in the car with you, keep business cards in your purse so that it doesn't look like you're there specifically to solicitate. I know some businesses do not like people just walking in soliciting for business. Perhaps you can ask the preschool if you can put your brochures/business cards at the front counter. If the church has a bulletin board, maybe you can ask to put a flyer up...etc Just my suggestion. I don't know your community well but I live in highly populated aera where most businesses will have a sign up saying 'no solicitation'. I'm sure it's different for smaller towns where 'everybody knows your name' Good luck!
  12. Hi Danielle, Yes, you can input different addresses on one page of labels. Instead of typing in the address in the Envelopes/Labels window, leave it blank and click 'new document'. You will then see a page of blank label spaces. Or if have it in a database already, you can just import/mail merge into Word. Hope this helps!
  13. Hi Trish! Welcome to the group! We've got a great group of people here so feel free to ask any questions you have or give us your input! Good luck on your new business!
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