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  1. WordPress Membership plugins. You have WishList (Paid) and Simple Member (free). Simple member seems pretty good for a basic membership site. Is there stuff it can't do that you need to get Wish List for? What's the main difference between WishList and Simple Member. Thanks
  2. Found the solution from a WordPressforum to get the table border in WordPress Use <table cellpadding="0" align="center" width="951" style="height: 258px; border: 5px solid #9c1e8a;"> Instead of <table cellpadding="0" bordercolor="#9c1e8a" border="5" align="center" width="951" style="height: 258px;">
  3. I am designing my new website and trying to create a table in the HTML editor. I would like to have a thick purple border around the table but cannot only get the standard thin grey border to show with the table. I entered <table style="height: 258px;" border="5" cellpadding="0" width="658" bordercolor="#9c1e8a">, which works in Dreamweaver, my Facebook page and WordPress Rich Text editor. The only place the border="5" and bordercolor="#9c1e8a" does not seem to work is in the WordPress live site. Does anyone have any ideas for what I should put in the html editor? I tried a bunch of different combinations but no luck. Does the WordPress HTML editor require a certain code or is it perhaps the theme? Thanks for listening.
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