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  1. Hi Tracey - thank you! I happened to have a head start on my business website by having a professional website developer as a longtime friend, as well as another friend who is an animator (that's where the "Jane" avatar came from - she is based off me, but I am not quite as cute ) who were happy to have me hire them! It is great to have both of them in my back pocket and we refer clients back and forth which is awesome. I am in a little town called Port Alberni. It is 2.5 hours north of Victoria, and 1.5 hours east of Tofino. Still close enough to make a day trip for surfing, but far enough away from the inflated house prices! It's a pretty sleepy little place with not much going on, which is why I am so excited to get going on my VA business.
  2. You're definitely living in the right place loving surfing and playing the dijembe Welcome! I'm over on the mainland and hope to maybe meet you one day if you are ever over to the mainland or vice-versa. Speaking of which, a few VAs are attending Social Media Camp in Victoria on June 4-5 if interested. Or at least come out for dinner with us on the Thursday night maybe? Enjoy the forum here...its a fabulous resource for your VA business Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and thanks Tawnya! I do make it back to Vancouver once in awhile (I really miss *good* restaurants...we don't have any in this little town!) and I wanted to attend the Social Media Camp but unfortunately I'm away for a wedding in Washington that weekend. It is a 2.5 hour drive to Victoria from where I am so it has to be a bit more than a daytrip! I would definitely like to connect with you sometime though, I'll keep my eyes peeled on here and Twitter to see if we can cross paths
  3. Hello all! Long-time lurker, first time poster! I am Erika from Our Friend Jane Virtual Assisting - Our Friend Jane Website feel free to poke around on my website! I just started this business after leaving a paralegal job in Vancouver, BC (Canada) and moving to a small town on Vancouver Island with not much work to be found. The law office I was working at was very forward-thinking and eco-friendly... they are totally paperless! It was great, but not long after starting there I was sitting at my desk thinking, "do I really need to be at this desk in these uncomfortable dress pants to do this job?" and that's when I started looking into virtual assisting! I've just started out so slowly but surely building my client base. I have 3 already with some ongoing work which has been better than expected! I do lots of general admin work, but my specialty is virtual legal assistance in securities and corporate law. In my personal life I enjoy surfing, fostering rescue dogs, and I'm currently learning to play the djembe! Looking forward to interacting with you all here!
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