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  1. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to post a quick reminder that this group program starts on Monday and we have a couple of open spots! http://www.stepitupva.com/coaching-programs/group/ Tomorrow, Wednesday September 8, I'm hosting an open call time from 9am to 3:30pm EST for you to get the answers to any questions you have about the program. Just call in at any point during that time and I'll be ready to answer your call and your questions! Please email me for the number. I look forward to talking with you and having you join us in the program! Warmly, Donna
  2. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to remind you that this is the last week to register for this exciting teleseminar series. We start March 2nd. http://www.stepitupva.com/6-weeks-to-6-figure-va-success/ I'm excited that many of you have already registered. And there are still a few seats available! I look forward to 'seeing' you soon! Warmly, Donna
  3. There won't be transcripts for this program, but there will be 'assignments'. ;-) You will also get the audio recordings after each call. Happy Weekend! Donna
  4. Hi Dianna, Great question - and I wish I could give you a specific answer. Seats are going quickly and I would like to cap attendance at around 20 so the calls can be interactive. I know some folks have registered just for the recordings so I may be able to go a bit higher but it really will depend on how quickly those 20 fill up. I'm sorry I can't be more specific. Lots of folks are signing up this week, however, to be able to get the bonus of the coaching call with me. Registrations may go a bit slower after this week. I'll keep you posted! Thanks for asking Dianna! I would love to have you join us! Warmly, Donna
  5. Hi Dianna! Here is the correct link. http://www.stepitupva.com/6-weeks-to-6-figure-va-success/ Hopefully this works! Have an awesome day! Warmly, Donna
  6. Hi Ronelle! I could meet you (and others, too!) before August. I'm up for anything, coffee, lunch, whatever. I know there are Outlets in Wrentham. Is that what you're thinking of? Email me - donna@1stva.com, and maybe we can plan something! Happy Weekend! Donna
  7. Hi Ladies! I'm in MA, too! North central MA. Count me in! Donna
  8. I'm in north central MA (Ashburnham) on the NH border. Where in NH are you, Kristen? I worked in Marlboro, too, many years ago when I lived in Leominster. Donna
  9. Don't forget me! Still working out the details but I should be there! Donna
  10. Congratulations Pam! Great news!! My office used to be upstairs too, and I recently moved it downstairs. What originally was a formal dining room, then my kids' playroom is now my office. I love it, its off of the kitchen, but has a door for privacy, AND has sliders to the back deck. Its light and open and airy. I have the privacy when I need it, but am also able to know what the kids are up to. Donna
  11. Looks great Jennifer. I do think there's a typo of your name on the home page though. Donna
  12. Pacific 4 pm, Mountain 5 pm, Central 6 pm, Eastern 7 pm Are you overwhelmed by information overload? Confused by Internet promotions and promises? Have you spent more $$$ on your website than you care to admit? Don’t know who or what to believe? Ask questions, get answers and get clear about the direction of your website. Keeping up with the Internet can give you a cyber headache. Relief is here. If you’re an entrepreneur or non-techie you’ll get the straight talk you’re looking for. To register visit: http://www.thewebmuse.com/seminars.asp#askthemuse or info@thewebmuse.com
  13. Pacific 5 pm, Mountain 6 pm, Central 7 pm, Eastern 8 pm Teleclass Fee is $79 Register early - class size is limited to ten vivacious virtual assistants. Increase your value as a Virtual Assistant by offering these additional services to your current clients. You'll also attract new clients who need these online services. You will earn more money and so will your clients. It's a win/win! Each teleclass is one-hour. In this two-part teleclass you'll learn: All about ezines - creating, managing & getting subscribers, ad swaps & more. Exchanging links, finding target markets online & listing in free directories. Article submissions - how to find the best places that will accept and print articles. In addition, you'll receive: One-half hour telephone consultation with The Web Muse ($50 value) Special Report #2 - Your Site or Mine? Let's Link! ($9.95 value) Unlimited questions answered via email for one month. (Priceless!) To register visit: http://www.thewebmuse.com/seminars.asp#marketingpower or info@thewebmuse.com
  14. Terrific site Naomi! Wonderful job! Donna
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