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  1. I had one scammer contact me for some of my tutoring services. Nothing stood out, but as is my habit, I googled him. Wow! He had scammed other small businesses especially work from home people and there was at least one newspaper article on him. Buh-bye! Google may not reveal everything but it's a good start. I also check to see if the person has a legit business license with my state registrar, check their website if they have one, check their personal and any business Facebook. You can learn a lot that way! Telltale signs if they don't have some of the markers of a business, brick and mortar address, some kind of online presence, registered with the state etc.
  2. #3 because the dots provide some movement in the design. However, (unsolicited advice ) I would tone down the magenta a little and make the font larger in for the Webinar Production Agency. The serif features of the font are kind of delicate also and it's getting "eaten up" by the background.
  3. It seems unfair to expect you to know what tasks you could do to ensure his time is being spent wisely if you cannot even see what you are supposed to analyze. I would ask to see the calendar if given that type of test question.
  4. HI- I've had this client now for many years. She has chosen to use the services of others for various aspects of her business and it has worked out until recently. There is a lack of communication and a lack of role definition on the part of my client. So, I shared with her that I would like her business and would be interested in knowing how best to do that and at the best rate for her so that I can get some of my roles in the project back because it has become quite convoluted with two other people involved. For instance I created a pdf form and it was rather painstaking. My work was then handed off to Person A who was to make aesthetic edits to the Word document (after I transformed it already to a PDF and added the form elements on some 30 pages(!). Then I get the new PDF back from Person A - minus any form elements but with the aesthetic changes and the Word doc, and am asked to make some more edits to remove some text. It's a mess. First off, all edits should have been complete in the Word doc BEFORE it ever went to a PDF and form fields were added. My client doesn't understand that is how it works, plus I got no communication from her about the aesthetic changes, just an email from Person A asking me for the original documents. I thought Person A was going to ad the form fields back into the PDF as would be expected but no. Person B is handling the website. I built the original website which my client was happy with for many years. She asked me if I could redesign it and I enthusiastically replied yes. Then poof, I find out Person B got the job. Person B works with or for Person A so that is likely how that transpired. But now I have to add blog posts to the website and because Person B did not do some things correctly, the formatting on the posts is off. I tried to get this cleared up to no avail. I do "work well with others" and am fine with others doing their part, but the overlap has caused problems and there is so little communication and we have never had a conference call or any kind of role definition. I would like to tell my client: no more tasks that I do not get to work on start to finish because under these circumstances that seems like the only solution. I'm on the verge of saying this is just not worth it any more. The above examples are not the only ones. Thoughts?
  5. My name is Mary Ann Stein Raulerson and I am the owner of Sunshower Business Services. I began my quest to start a new business over a year ago. I had been thinking and dreaming about it for years, but when my comfort zone in my workplace got quite uncomfortable, I saw it as a turning point. I am officially launching Monday October 10, as my last day at my current job is Friday October 7. I have had over 10 years of cumulative experience in the workplace in the fields of teaching, customer service, webmaster services, project management (specifically permitting signs) and clerical. Sunshower Business Services is driven by a goal of excellence and professionalism, two qualities that are not as common as they once were. I enjoy being creative and I will be targeting writing, website, SMM and graphic art jobs. I am a research expert and girl geek, can work Microsoft Office apps, and will seek any general clerical or secretarial tasks. Take a peek at my website-constructive criticism welcome! www.sunshowerbiz.com I am originally from Chicago, Illinois, but have resided in Jacksonville Florida for the past 7 years. I moved there after my marriage to my Jacksonville husband. Together we have 7 children, 3 boys and 4 girls, all but one is grown. The youngest, my daughter (15), lives with us. I spend my spare time attending our church, web-learning and social media, reading, biking, scrapbooking, and occasional treks on a hiking path or at the beach. I may be registering for an online course soon to finish my degree which is just 16 credits shy. Oh and shopping is also a favorite. I learned of VA Networking via a Google search.
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