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  1. Hi, Tawnya Thank you for your reply I have a secret, that is I love vanetworking.com I have a secret, it is that I love vanetworking.com I have a secret that I love vanetworking.com I wonder which one is comfortable? or how to say that?
  2. Hi, everyone I have a dream, that is... I have a secret, that is... or I have a dream, it is that... I have a secret, it is that... which is correct, or how to say those? I am not a native speaker
  3. Hi Shona, http://www.mediamage.com/va/United_States/index.html is a good reference:)
  4. Hi, Shona video marketing is a good choice, making some good videos related to your business can drive a lot of targeted traffic to your website. you just need to upload it, then it runs. A good freebie made for your visitors is also very important, a good name and graphic designs will attract their attention, if they find it useful, helpful and interesting, they will keep it on their computers and share it with their friends.
  5. Congratulations! Maybe someday we will be on CNN NBC FOXNEWS and so on...
  6. Like Tawnya said, the step is always like this: first, people find you, then get value from you, then trust you, last they buy some products or service from you.
  7. I am planning to do some viral marketing this year, i think good original content is the keypoint. like Danielle said, It could be a YouTube video, a photo, a blog post, a software...
  8. susanne, the data maybe mixed with non-numeric characters you could make some vba/js script to do the sum job using the interface of Microsoft.
  9. Tawnya, I fully understand why people dont like answering questions... Personally, I dont need another computer, I would rather win 1 year VAinsider-get-client membership access.
  10. Hello, Stephanie I am a big fan of NBA team <== HOUSTON ROCKETS ==> if you've got any questions about the WordPress database of your website I am very glad to help you with it, yes, your website is of very good layout, simple and clean Nice! Jason
  11. Maybe, my client will become my JV, he has got some good ideas, but couldnt get it done within one or two days...
  12. Vmware and virtualbox is the ultimate weapon to protect your system from malware and viruses. also I've tried some softwares like CTM: Comodo Time Machine is a powerful system rollback utility that allows users to quickly restore their computers to an earlier point in time. It's free.
  13. I am looking for joint ventures working together and build our own business but havent got one yet. they dont think I am a professional, in fact, I am just not a professional English language speaker and writer...
  14. Diana, According to my own experience, we CANT save too much time for WordPress theme building, I mean a unique good-looking, wonderful, tidy and clean theme of WordPress on this planet... there are many things need to be done, like logo designing, css layout, color scheme, JavaScript/Jquery effects, putting some plugin code to the template, etc even you've got a ready to use free or purchased theme. At the same time, you'll be angry at the loading of Dreamweaver CS1234... We need to have much more patience to test it and learn new knowledge. Jason
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