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  1. Hi Li, I am new too. It is nice to meet you Tracy
  2. Just wanted to introduce myself My name is Tracy, and I am a brand new VA. I am doing a little subcontractor work, but mostly I am still in training mode. I am a homeschooling mom, and as my children (ages 16 and 11) are becoming more independent in their work, I am finding I have more time for myself. Not TOO much time(!),but more than I am used to. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 20 years this month. He is an attorney by day, but he loves hobby farming, which is what he does in his spare time. We have a small farm and have done wild and crazy things...hand milked cows, raised and butchered chickens, raised hogs, raised a beef calf, incubated duck and chicken eggs...we've gone a little crazy, but it's been fun. We're doing less on the farm right now, and it is nice to not be so busy outside. I never thought I would do VA work; it just never crossed my mind. My Master's is in Counseling and my BA is in Psychology and Writing--no techy education in my past, which is why it is shocking that I would want to do this, but here I am. My brain is on overload! The subcontractor work I have done so far is mainly copywriting and web/blog/article writing, but I have been learning 1Shopping Cart, HTML, CSS, and WordPress to hopefully increase my skills. I have a long, long way to go, but I just wanted to finally speak up (I've been registered on the forum since March). I hope eventually to be able to help others on these forums, but right now I can only learn from all of you. It is nice to be here
  3. My name is Tracy Moore. I am a brand new VA, and I am doing just a little work as a sub contractor. Mainly I am in training mode with hopes of increasing my work as I learn more skills. I am concerned that I am overloading my current computer with all my new software and training materials. Winning the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Computer would be such a blessing for my new business! Thank you!
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