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  1. Several of the "Unique" Topics scheduled for the upcoming OIVAC include: 1. VA Hot Seats Panel - We will review the issues, systems and operations of several VA businesses that have volunteered to be reviewed by a panel of veteran VAs. The volunteer business will have identified problems/issues they are facing that impact their growth. In addition, the panel will provided suggestions on how to resolve the issue(s) and help the business get and remain on track. 2. Intro to the VA Industry - an open discussion about the pros and cons of becoming a virtual assistant; responding to questio
  2. Happy Friday, It’s the perfect time to let all your associates, clients, potential clients and news organizations know about the exciting events going on during this year’s OIVAC. Each year, OIVAC creates four (4) pre-formated fill-in-the-blanks, media press release templates you can customize and use to promote your business and the upcoming OIVAC and IVAD celebration. These releases can be submitted to your local and online media outlets (newspapers, TV/radio stations, cable, business groups, etc.) and posted on your website and blog. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to
  3. Attend Online International Virtual Assistants Convention and Discover How to Take Advantage of New Technology Tools Third annual OIVAC showcases communication and technology tools virtual assistants can use to enhance business and increase profits. Baltimore (PRWEB) April 29, 2008 -- "OIVAC has grown by leaps and bounds since it began in 2006. This year's focus, "Pathways to Successful VA Practices: Using Communication & Technology to Enhance Business", concentrates on resources Virtual Assistants use to increase productivity and reduce costs. Not only can we learn from seasoned
  4. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Sharon Williams Tel: (410) 521-7001 Fax: (410) 521-9742 E-mail: info @ The24HourSecretary.com Veteran Virtual Assistant Provides Critical Answers on Internet Talk Radio Show New Internet radio talk show host questions experienced VA mentor about launching a successful virtual assisting business. Baltimore, MD –Veteran Virtual Assistant Sharon Williams recently appeared as the special guest for the inaugural launch of Mentor Minute Monday, an Internet-based radio talk show providing crucial business answers for individuals interested in starting
  5. As the economy heads toward a recession and business owners express concern about overhead and cutting expenses, it is time to implement innovative, cost-effective, technology-savvy, recession-busting strategies. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a viable solution that saves time, money and frees entrepreneurs to fuel their passion. Everywhere we turn these days -- television, radio, Internet -- discussion focuses on the economy and growing concerns of a recession. George W. Bush, President of the United States, declared during his January 2008 State of the Union Address that "Our first go
  6. Great news! Don't forget to add it to the media section of your web site and make a part of your new client package.
  7. Podcast & Blog Hopping Virtual Assistant Publishes Account of 45 Day Tour Entrepreneur travels Internet educating bloggers and podcast listeners about the virtual assistant industry and advantages of partnering with members of the fastest growing work-from-home industry of the 21st century. Baltimore, MD ― The 2007 Virtual Assistant Blog Hopping and Podcast Tour hits the virtual shelves this week. Last spring, Sharon Williams, also known as the Podcast and Blog Hopping Virtual Assistant, embarked on a 45 Day Virtual Tour designed to promote the Virtual Assistant Industry. “It wa
  8. That's fantastic. Be sure to place a link to the publication article page (if it is online) on your homepage. If you can't link to it, then pdf it and add it to your media page. Great job!
  9. Hello Maria, When writing press releases, (especially when announcing a new business launch or grand opening) it is always good to say you are launching in the headline -- adding excitement to the event. Additionally, press releases are traditionally written in a pyramid format, (and telling a story) meaning the most important information is in the first paragraph, and carried over into the 2nd. As a result, you should include the who, what, when, where and how of your story angle in the first paragraph. It's also best to present some kind of "local angle" to your release -- ho
  10. Hey Gang, The conference is definitely worth attending. The presenters are great and meeting other VAs face-to-face is worth the expense. Plus, I remember in 2006 that 3 people shared a room -- so, if you really want to go, there may still be a way to cut back on expenses. And, you might do like I did, not purchase Haagan Daaz for a while and save all those dollars for the trip I'm not sure if I'm going to make it this year, as I have another travel commitment in April and the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC) in May. So, take my word for it, it is a fantas
  11. Hi Levi, I have a totally different take on your release and suggest that since "the environmental impact" is a unique consideration and one that isn't "pitched" often via this industry, I suggest that you focus on the theme of how working with a VA impacts the environment -- using examples (and add a few more) you have already included. I would also add a few statistics about how if more entrepreneurs worked with a VA they could reduce smog, or save trees, etc. (Now, I hate to give you more work, but believe you will receive a larger response and potentially coverage, by changing your h
  12. 24-Hour Secretary™ Celebrates 'Coming of Age' and 18 Years of Supporting Local and Virtual Clients! Homebased Virtual Assistant business kicks-off 18 year anniversary celebration of providing administrative and internet-based support services to globally-based clients. Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) November 1, 2007 -- Launched from a concept to provide administrative, secretarial, transcription and marketing services for small businesses 24 hours a day, November marks The 24 Hour Secretary's 18th year of supporting clients located around the globe, virtually. Most businesses are lucky to rea
  13. Hi Nancy, I'm confused! It appears that you are highlighting two businesses in one -- the VA business and private detective company. My suggestion is (and you will be able to get develop more media releases around each individual component of your business) that you create two separate and distinct releases (or more) about the VA business moving back to town; and a different one on the new company. Now I know The Work Place is a subsidiary of Baker Street, but by splitting the releases you gain more opportunities to announce both businesses and their uniqueness. I can actually t
  14. Hi Rebecca, I think you have a great headline but are not utilizing it to the fullest potential in the content of your release. I offer the following suggestions: 1. My suggestion is, in the first paragraph, to include a clear and direct tie-in sentence or two related to the headline about how/why you are the "new edge" for realtors. 2. I would also add some statistic(s) to backup that the industry is "in a slump", as statistics always catch the eye of reporters and then identify ways you can assist them. 3. Finally, if you already have a real estate client (or a realtor
  15. Hey Gang, If you are a Virtual Assistant residing in the Baltimore metropolitan area and would like to be included in a soon-to-be-published news article about transitioning into virtual assisting and industry trends, please contact me, OFF LIST ASAP, at 410-521-7001. Thanks.
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