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  1. I love evernote! I love the way it syncs with all your devices and it's so easy to use! Every business owners should have one.
  2. You should think of getting a Wordpress hosted site(Wordpress.org not Wordpress.com) too.
  3. I know how annoying that is... The same thing happened to me last week->for a day! But it felt like, I lost precious hours... :/
  4. Hi, Tracy! It's been a while since I last posted on this thread. Anyway, here's my website -> http://www.techempressva.com Cheers! ;D
  5. LOL, too funny - Rocnred and I were just talking about that yesterday - that we both work more hours than we can bill because of those "perfectionist" tendencies. I'd have to say that mine is the same as yours, Dianna, for better or for worse! Here I felt like the lone ranger because i"m always over working the hour assignment. I'm happy doing it at the present time, so carry on! Me too... I end up tweaking things more than I should, but it makes me sleep better at night.
  6. My strengths are: infinite patience, taking deadlines seriously and creativity.
  7. Good point! Thanks:D I'm gonna review my rates again...
  8. Oh yeah! That's what I'm working on right now. My hosted Wordpress just got activated 3 days ago. It can be a bit tricky but I armed myself with a couple of good books and veteran VA advices. Goodluck to me! I tried the free Wordpress platform before because it is nice and easy but it's functions are limited.
  9. Emmylou Sagusay Henderson I would like to win a Lenovo M90z all-in-one Think Centre because it a powerful but streamlined computer that will surely benefit my VA business. It's like the "Swiss Army knife" of computers.
  10. This is scary... How ofter can we encounter these kind of clients?
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