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  1. Woo Commerce, WP Ecart or Zen Desk ALL FREE are great options. Very Easy to Customize and handle digital and physical products. They also have additional add on plug ins for shipping needs if needed. (Austrailian postal rates or additional gateways)
  2. Mailchimp has the trackers as well. I fortunately got in under the old accounts so the autoresponders are still free. But I personally find this a easier and cheaper alternative to the other ones out there. What you can do also is covert your PDF to a JPG and then load the whole thing into Mailchimp. You will loose the clickable links- but you can add those at the bottom on the page if you wish. If you want to keep it as a clickable pdf- I agree with a link to a page on your site is the best. This also is a way to drive traffic as well. Just enter a teaser to the newsletter in Mailchimp then a link with "click here to read more..."
  3. Most noises from computers are Fan issues. Most computers - desktops- have 3. One is on the CPU, one is inside the Power Supply and the other is usually attached to the case. ALL are very easy to replace and not very expensive. If you ever need a walk through or help I am A+ Certified (computer hardware certified) and will be glad to help you out! Just email me anytime. Most people make more out of a computer than it really easy- honest it is really all pretty simple now and east to fix most of the stuff hardware wise yourself. Just need a screwdriver and little patience. If you have a laptop.... it is mostlikly also a fax issue. PLEASE take these into a certified repair shop. They are a headache to replace and you really need the special small tools to deal with them. Hope this helps!
  4. Another way is to use Carbonite back up. This will backup all of your stuff in the cloud. It has a restore feature and will place all of your docuements and settings back into place where you had them. There is now an upgrade to make the process faster. I have over 4 TB of information so naturally it take a few days for all of the stuff to get back into place- but all in all- I have been using them for 5 years and love them.
  5. Cathy- If it helps- I am an A+ Tech (computer Hardware tech) If you can use Skype- You can reach me there and I maybe able to help you out on the phone- It may be just a collapsed OS problem and not a hardware- This is common on the XP platform. Skype IS is valerie.jennings6
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