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  1. Genevieve Horrall I would love to win this M90Z touch screen PC for your home-based business because I am working on a half working machine right now. The CD/DVD reader writer no longer works. The hard drive crashed and not all the applications were able to be reinstalled when it was fixed. This new PC would allow me the freedom to work my business in a big way. With the ability to do more videos and with a higher quality than right now. I have yet to find a screen capture video software that will work with the restored laptop, before there was one installed. Yikes, I am sound so ungrateful. I am grateful for the resources that I have now. I know that this would just allow me to expand upon those and help me to continue to grow my business. It would also be useful for my husband who needs to be able to install his graphics softwares to another machine since this one will not accept anything anymore. Thanks for the contest. This looks to be a very great product and I look forward to seeing more of what it can do. Thanks again, Gen
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