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  1. Hi. I'm Bill Nickerson. While I'm not a VA (nor do I play one on TV), I'm hoping that in the near future I'll be busy enough to warrant hiring one. Plus I do some contract work from time to time which is not really that different from what a lot of VA's are doing out here. Anyway, I would love to win the M90z. I think Lenovo has done a wonderful job with this contest (a meta contest really) by working with blogs and forums. A great idea. But back to the M90z. I've wanted a touch screen computer for ages and the iPad and PlayBook are too limited, both in size and capability. It would make a great tool for doing graphic work -- I still haven't mastered the eye-hand disconnect of the touch tablet. Plus the kids would love it. I can see it being useful for collaborations if laid flat, like the touch table that Microsoft hinted at a few years back. Anyway, whoever wins will have a valuable tool at their disposal. Good luck to all!
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