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  1. VA Classroom is offering a new blog marketing mini course. I have taken two course from VA Classrooms and I am most impressed with Craig and his team. Here is the class description-- This blog marketing mini-course will give you some advanced and current marketing and optimization skills that you can offer as a high value and "in-demand" service to a fast growing base of blog site owners. 2. Many of you may currently be using a Wordpress blogsite as your primary online business presence, which is very smart! This two-week training program will essentially provide you with a blog marketing tune-up and blueprint for your site, so that you can increase your targeted traffic, business visibility and new client leads. This two-fold purpose will have a strong impact on both your business visibility as well as new income opportunities! The two-week training program is scheduled to begin on August 10, 2009 and will finish up on August 24th. The program includes both self-paced and live components. Check it out here: http://www.vanetworking.com/vaclassroomblog
  2. I agree with Crystal. $12 can't be original content....surely. I have quoted the equivalent of about my one hour rate per blog before. I think it would take me about that to research and prepare a 250-450 word blog.( be sure you know how many words the expect) But I would also clarify are you keyword optimizing it for them. Will you be adding keyword anchor text with your links. Is there a set number of outgoing or on domain links they have in mind per article. Will you categorize, tag and add the SEO to the post. Are you monitoring and responding to the comments to get conversations going. Are you adding an image to it. (Seems it takes me longer to find the "right" image than writing sometimes.) Maybe you are already taking these into consideration but if the purpose is to draw business to their blog all those things may need to be considered up front instead of a "by the way can you add.... "scenario . Good luck to you!!
  3. Another IMVA here as well Kudos to you!! I keep learning things from Craig and the gang at VAclassrooms...!!
  4. If they changed it in the correct spot and that is what appears at the top of the browser window on their page- Christiana is correct it just has to be crawled by Google again.
  5. Erin has given you great advice. You can also access the page from this point http://www.facebook.com/advertising/?pages. There are step by step instructions. Just to help you keep it clear... personal is called "profile" and you have "friends". Business is called " fan page" some call it " business page" or just "pages" and you have "fans". You may only have one profile but you may have as many pages as you want. One thing to remember. You can not change the name once you create it so be sure it is what you want. Facebook Static FBML application is a good one to use since it will allow you to create a box that you may put html in. Greatly increase your functionality. Have fun !
  6. I use BlueHost, worked with several clients who used godaddy. Low down time/ good support on both. Someone on twitter sent me this site just today. Maybe you will find it useful. http://www.10besthosting2009.com/#233909421/ giodaddy QUOTE (typingbug @ Jul 16 2009, 07:17 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I use www.godaddy.com
  7. I agree , Wordpress.org is a good chocie. Do some research on the free themes. Some are better than others. Wordpress has very extensive support. It has numerous free plug-in that will help you get out of your free site what you want...like social media plug-ins for example. You are searching for more than just a pretty site but one that will do what you need it to do. Do some research on Wordpress Plug-in as well. Some are better than others. This site has a ton of Wordpress help videos. Not associated with the site but looks very helpful. You can ask question her as well since many of use wordpress. http://speckyboy.com/2008/11/17/100-wordpr...ic-to-advanced/
  8. Here is one more option that Mari Smith ( facebook guru) suggested via Twitter. This is a facebook app. http://www.fbook.me This is basically a redirect done for you. I recently built my Facebook page so would appreciate anyone who want to message me with input on how to do it better. Also appreciate any Facebook fans to get me started... http://www.fbook.me/creeksbendmedia Thanks!!
  9. I agree with Crystal- not sure what you are saying.The only way you are seeing their posts is if you are following them. Do you have an automatic follow in place maybe like Tweetlater? That is one reason I don't use automatic follow. Only way you can block them from following you is to set your timeline to private-- not a good business move. However, them following you should not affect anything but their picture showing up in your followers- and who really looks at that. There are times when twitter is slow in execution but we are talking hours not days. Maybe I am not understanding what you are saying...
  10. Just ran a search on Twitter and it seems several people are having issues after the upgrade. I am not and I run on Mac but it seem it is both PC and Mac users having problems... maybe it is an Adobe Air issue. You might run another search on Twitter and see if you can find an answer later in the day. I am sure you have tried rebooting your entire system. I tried running Seesmic Desktop could never get it to do what I wanted it to do. PeopleBrowser is another platform that gets lots of good PR I know you have to be frustrated. Hope you get an answer.
  11. Thanks. This looks like a GREAT add-on. I love Firefox but had not seen this. I get so side-tracked because I always run across tons of things I want to read later but don't necessarily want to add the whole website to my Google Reader. I end up with a ton of tabs open. This looks like it will do the job.
  12. Thank you Judy. I really appreciate the encouragement.
  13. Hi Cynthia, As always Crystal gave you great advice. Here is a wonderful tool that allows you to see the html coding on any page and makes it easier to spot your coding errors. You can highlight the problem on your page and see the code at the bottom of your screen. Will help you spot that </d> easily and you can also check the width of columns easily etc. It is called Firebug . It is open source so it is free. It is so frustrating when things messed up just as you have them like you want them!! Good luck.
  14. Thanks Cyndi....I can see this could be helpful....and addictive!
  15. Thanks Tawnya. This board certainly has all the bells and whistles. I always been impressed!!
  16. Jodie- your looks very clean and easy to navigate. Does it allow a members only area? Cyndi- I had not seen either of the ones you suggested I will check them out. I always appreciate your input. Thank you very much.
  17. I have a current client who wants a forum added to her Wordpress.org site. She knows up front I have never added a forum to a wordpress site and that there will be a learning curve. This is for a local niche organization with only 100 members. I have seen a couple options http://bbpress.org/ and http://simplepressforum.com .Anyone have any experience with either of these ? I am comfortable with Wordpress and can do some coding but I do hope for a short learning curve. Any additional advice would be appreciated .
  18. Hello Stephen, Glad to see you here. Lots of information available on the forum. Look forward to gleaning from your knowledge as well.
  19. Thank you so much. What a nice surprise. I really appreciate you all!!
  20. Hello Michelle, This is a great topic. By personality I am task oriented. What I have learned is I love the team concept because I very much like collaboration. I think if you can bring talented people into a team and allow them to have the opportunity to share ideas and have input that the team itself can become stronger and more efficient. As the owner ultimately all roads lead to me so I am focused on the quality of the end results but good, loyal people will bring you good result. I then in turn think they need to be appreciated and respected for their contribution. I agree finding the balance is the key. Having good processes in place, good lines of communication ( which like Patty says included feedback) and a vision that can be communicated are things that help obtain and maintain that balance. Everyone knows where they stand and what is expected of them which makes it easier to build the right kind of relationships. I care about my team and when they succeed I succeed so I try to create an environment so they, and ultimately I, will succeed. I don't want to work with people I don't like but I don't feel the need to be everyone's best friend, just a good, thoughtful owner. I find it the most challenging when I bring a friend on board. Someone I already had a friendship relationship with because then there has to be a time of reestablishing boundaries. I try to be very up front before we every start the first project. Being by personality task oriented, I know I have to make a specific effort to focus on my team. I have one team member that is very mercy motivated and I have given her permission to speak up and let me know if she feels some team members needs more care. It is just all part of being an owner and finding that balance. Some days we have it...some days we don't.
  21. Welcome Shirley, I live in Tennessee, but after visiting some horse farms in Lexington on a trip I completely fell in love with the country side ( or maybe it was the horses!!) . Welcome to VANA. The people on this network are so supportive so if you have any question as you go along don't hesitate to ask.
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