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  1. My deepest sympathies for your loss. My thoughts are with your family as you move forward with memories of a very special person. Meredith
  2. Welcome! So glad to have new faces from far away places!
  3. Welcome Laura! I got my first retainer client almost right away as a referral from a former employer. I think word of mouth is a great way to get a first client - so tell everyone you know about your new business! My goal for a "full" practice is a little less than some others around here since I am also a SAHM. So I love leaning on my few retainer clients for consistent work and picking up smaller projects here and there. It makes me feel like things are little less hectic when I can ease up on the workload some weeks. I use the job timer in Quickbooks Pro 2004 I don't have a partner, but I suggest really planning this out. Some thoughts on things you should define in advance: who will do the marketing, networking, Who will handle which projects, What hours will you work, How you will split the expenses. Good luck and welcome!
  4. Welcome! Look forward to seeing you around!
  5. I would go with Becki's suggestion...even though you work for the client monthly you can still bill them as a Pay-as-you-go client. They don't get a retainer discount, which requires the minimum. HTH
  6. Hope the weekend went well, Pam. I'm keeping good thoughts for your family!
  7. Can anyone suggest resources for finding/researching potential speaking engagements for Coaches?
  8. Excellent Kimmer! So glad that business is booming for you!
  9. Great way to get your name out there! Welcome to the Web!
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