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  1. Great way to get your name out there! Welcome to the Web!
  2. I agree. Also, point out to them that you take on clients based on the hours of service required; so in order for you to offer the appropriate turnaround and dedication to their work you want to get started as soon as possible.
  3. Great newsletter this month, Naomi! Love the comments about your house cleaner reward...that is what I'm working for too!!!! My mother is a compulsive cleaner with floors you could eat off of, this lead me to crave that spotless environment to live in, but I did not inherit her housecleaning drive or talent. Good luck with your goals!
  4. Hey Naomi - I don't use Quicken Home and Business, but I'm thinking that the difference between the correct balance of $27 and incorrect balance of -$36 is a difference of $63 so perhaps how you've entered the credit is adding it twice? In Quickbooks you can set up to automatically apply payments to invoices, therefore if a payment leaves a credit balance it will show up on the next invoice. Have you searched the help (on the software and the Website) for "applying a credit to an invoice"?
  5. Has anyone purchased from InkGrabber? Their prices for my ink are SOOOOOOOOOOO much lower than anywhere else I can't believe it! Of course, this makes me sceptical but that have a good rating from BizRate. I thought maybe some of you web-searching gurus had come across this site and tried it out...
  6. Excellent, Therese! Best of luck! I'm excited to be a guinea pig!
  7. Great job, Naomi! By the way my husband keeps poppin' those allergy pills in exchange for open windows too!
  8. For those of you that offer bookkeeping to clients, what services do you do for them?
  9. So I was trying to do a test run in Ezine Director and got a little stuck. When they ask for the "HTML Copy" what exactly do I need to type here. I tried to follow the instructions for an absolute reference to the URL, but it doesn't seem to be working. The instructions say: "To upload your ezine in HTML generate the HTML code, copy, and paste it into the "HTML Copy" text box. Be sure your paths are absolute and not relative. This simply means <A HREF> for URLs and <IMG> tags for images should point back to "http://yourdomain.com/folder/page.html" and NOT "../folder/page.html". If relative paths are used instead of absolute the images and links will be inaccessible to the recipients. " I keep coming up with a blank test message so I'm doing something wrong even though it seems simple. Can anyone give me some specifics that I might be doing incorrectly? Thanks!
  10. guess my joke didn't go over well...sometimes these things only work verbally.
  11. I have just had an AH-HA! Moment. So much just came together for me... Ok, now I understand the who disk space usage, file management info about my website. Wow! I completely thought I would never need any of that...just wanted a site with some info. Now I know there is a Wide World Web out there. The Internet is an amazing thing! Thanks for all of your assistance. I may have few more questions as I get underway, but this was a huge help.
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