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  1. I have to go meet a sole practitioner tomorrow and he wants me to work for him 20-25 hours per week at his office. He also wanted to know if I would be able to assist a friend of his who needs some administrative assistance. I thought this might be a good time to see if he would go for the idea of me working from home but I dont know how to put this across to him. This way I would be able to assist both him and his friend as well as meet the needs of my family. Any ideas as to how to broach this topic with him?? This is my first time and any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thanks to everyone for their responses. Andrea, I thank you specifically for your post as I had not even thought about all the details that would go into this venture... I thank you for pointing this out... I realize I got carried away in the heat of the moment and forgot about all the groundwork that needs to be done first...However, I am so overwhelmed and I dont know where to start.. I need to start somewhere and had taken a course run by Maryanne (I think it was called the VATP course a couple of years ago. I need to dig the manual out and see how to go about it in an organized fashion. Janet, in response to your question, no I did not receive any responses, so I would appreciate putting me in contact with the person who you know does this. All your expert suggestions are always welcome and sincerely appreciated.
  3. I have recently quit my job and am planning on targetting sole practitioners/lawyers who do not need a full time assistant but still need work done. I have been contemplating on this for a very long time but am unsure how to go about doing this. Would anyone of you seasoned/exeperienced VAs in this field guide me how to go about marketing my services to these lawyers. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for your services. If you are interested please email me at jpymento@rogers.com. I look forward to getting this off the ground and am very excited. Thanks everyone
  4. Hi Lisa Welcome to the Group !! As a new VA myself, I can truly say this is a great group of people who are ever willing to help. So feel free to ask !
  5. Thank you everyone for your ideas !! It just made my job a little easier !! A special thank you to Dale and Jennifer for the links :-) Janet
  6. Hi Everyone I am considering a direct mailing to small businesses in my area and was wondering what would have a better impact - an introductory letter with a flyer/brochure or a postcard ?? Anyone have any ideas based on their own experiences ?? Thanks Janet
  7. Hi everyone, I am trying to print a file that was originally created in photoshop but was sent to me as a .jpeg file. When I try printing it, all I get is a "solid black" patch. I have tried printing it on another printer and it works just fine. I am assuming it has something to do within printer settings but cant seem to figure out what needs to be changed. I am using a HP 2410 all-in-one printer. Can anyone help ?? Janet Pymento Timely Administrative Services Saving you time "virtually" jpymento@r...
  8. Hi Everyone !! Thanks very much for the warm welcome I definately know what a great bunch of people you all are and look forward to learning and being a part of this wonderful group !! Janet Pymento Timely Administrative Services
  9. I have been a regular visitor to this site and have greatly benefitted from the experience of all you great VAs. I have finally launched my own VA practice part-time and would like to introduce Timely Administrative Services. My services include word processing, transcription, legal document preparation, Excel/Powerpoint/Publisher/Access and some basic bookkeeping. I am looking forward to this exciting phase of my life. Please feel free to contact me if any of you need some additional help... Janet Pymento Timely Administrative Services
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