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  1. OK - well, the first two days have been great, as usual. It's been nice meeting alot of the attendees, and the speakers are awesome. Looking forward to the next 3 days after which I know my brain will be so full I'll be glad to get away from the computer! How are you all enjoying it? Any comments or insights? Kathy
  2. Hi Everyone - here is a link to a company that has been in this business for quite a while. The products work well and I can't believe the low price for this entire Capture suite. About $80 and they let you buy a second copy for a friend or 2nd computer for 1/2 price. I might have to buy the new one now that I've seen this! https://applian.com/replay-capture-suite/ I haven't used it in a few years but it worked very well when I tried it. Good customer service, too. Kathy
  3. Hello all! It's been great to meet some new people and talk again with some others. Just touching base here so you have my contact info. So far it's been a good 1.5 days. Looking forward to hearing from the rest of the presenters. Kathy
  4. Tawnya - sorry, I couldn't duplicate the error. Did you find a solution on this yet?
  5. Tawnya, I will try this and get back to you. One temporary workaround might be..... when composing an email which you think you may want to forward to someone, blind copy (or copy) yourself so that you have the email in your Inbox, and can forward it from there. TEMPORARY fix, of course. This seems to ring a bell, but I will make a note to check it tomorrow instead, because it's so late now. Please do post here if you find a solution. Kathy
  6. Hi Candy - I sent you a message on Skype regarding TeamworkPM. Did you change over to that yet?
  7. The comments and questions on this thread are helpful, and even more relevant today. Google, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and **Google Apps** have changed so much since this thread began in 2010. So I will ask again -- do any of you use Google Apps - with your own account - or with a client's account? Anyone here that considers yourself an intermediate to expert user? I'd like to talk! Thanks.
  8. Amanda and Traci, I would love to discuss your needs and requirements with both of you... you can ask me anything you want or provide some test work. A Skype or phone could would probably be best so we can discuss, even more importantly, what you do NOT want in a VA subcontractor. I don't really ask other VAs for work on this forum because I felt (sort of) discouraged from doing so here (and I agree that contributing to others on the forum is more important when I first joined). Hope to hear from you. Today I am available so it would be an awesome time. My business phone is 480-256-8326 and I'm in Phoenix, on Pacific time. Thx... Kathy
  9. Tawnya - funny, but I shopped Amazon and this is the wireless headset I liked best. Then I looked on our forum and it's the same model you mentioned. Did you purchase the 955? FYI it's on sale now for $49.95: Plantronics Audio 995 Wireless Stereo Headset by Plantronics 3.6 out of 5 stars See all reviews(445 customer reviews) List Price: $109.95 Price: $49.92 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Details You Save: $60.03 (55%) In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. Gift-wrap available.
  10. Hi Traci - did you purchase these, and if so, do you like them? Are they comfortable in the ear? I am considering a wireless one with the 'earmuff' style, however, I also have a new video camera, and think if I'm going to create any videos in the future, I might not want to be wearing the headphone style on video I have a bluetooth USB adapter but it's from a couple years ago which I am assuming it will still be compatible. It's likely usb2.0.
  11. Thanks for posting the list. I had never heard of nozbe.com but am looking into it. It seems very similar to TeamworkPM but I will be comparing features and pricing packages.
  12. Sorry, Linda - just highjacking your post to figure out where you got your two cents. Now I know! Pepsi girl here. I owe you a few band pictures and songs, don't I? Kathy
  13. Hi Cathy - I'm happy to find someone else who enjoys Suffusion as well. It's obviously not the only one out there - but it is a free one with ALOT of options, and the author works to keep it updated and compatible with WordPress. Yes... there is a learning curve but it's workable!
  14. Oops I forgot to use my own BlueHost Affiliate Link. Too late - the moderators are too quick for me! Although that's not why I answered Traci's question...
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