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  1. OK - well, the first two days have been great, as usual. It's been nice meeting alot of the attendees, and the speakers are awesome. Looking forward to the next 3 days after which I know my brain will be so full I'll be glad to get away from the computer! How are you all enjoying it? Any comments or insights? Kathy
  2. Hello all! It's been great to meet some new people and talk again with some others. Just touching base here so you have my contact info. So far it's been a good 1.5 days. Looking forward to hearing from the rest of the presenters. Kathy
  3. I have used OneNote and it is much prettier than Evernote for starters, at least Evernote free. I never got quite comfortable with the synch for OneNote, but that was me, not the program. I've used both and am using Evernote right now because of the price and it was in my line of site when I got the 'synch revelation'. Just recently, a group I work with has been discussing 'budget collaboration' and experimenting with more EverNote aspects for sharing, etc. We'll have a Rube Goldberg assembly of tools, working with Google Apps, Evernote and Dropbox, but again, the keyword is Budget. I agree about the OneNote sync process - and also don't know why!? Evernote is an easier sell for clients - in cases where you really want them to have their own account for sharing notes, weblinks, audio recordings, etc. OneNote is great and has come a long way but it is not FREE.
  4. Thanks, Dana - sorry, I just saw this reply. I'll check out the product review. I guess I'll have to start subscribing to my own posts - but I thought it was automatic!?
  5. Hello all............ I started using Evernote several months back, but it did not catch my eye as quickly as Dropbox and OneNote. I'm a fan of Dropbox due to a recent project where it was completely reliable and a life-saver. I have not yet seen Box.com or "Box"... and will check it out to see the differences between that and Dropbox. Now I'm planning to learn more about OneNote (since it came with Office2010 and I believe syncs in the cloud as well); and will be adding it to my Android phone for testing. For Evernote - since it sounds so versatile - I will give it another look, and be looking for someone to experiment with on some shared items. Question ......... do you find yourself most often going to the web version to make entries? Asking because the mobile version just didn't grab me... not sure why... Question for those who changed from OneNote to something else - can I ask why, or can you give me a quick highlight of features you gained by changing? Maybe I won't waste time with OneNote - though I love how well it is integrated with Office, Outlook, the web browser, and other items via right-click on mouse and/or one click on the system tray at bottom right. Perhaps the others are that quick and easy as well?? Judy - can you say why you like Box better than Dropbox? Thanks for any and all answers! Kathy Anderson PS: In a separate post I am hoping to find someone who is happy using Teamwork PM... I did a search in the Forum but didn't find many entries.
  6. Hi, Are any of you from Phoenix, Tucson, or the general area? It would be nice to get to know other VA's nearby. Perhaps we can begin a Meetup group, lunch group, or telephone conference call. Please reply here and say hello, and indicate whether you'd be open to some sort of regular meeting. Thanks! Kathy
  7. I am headed there now and will vote! Danielle, can you tell me how you choose the beauty products to use and review? Kathy
  8. Yes, figured after a while how to register. Ehm, 11pm was the wrong time. Not sure if it was because of daylight savings or for any other reason, but I've been in the webinar place since 11pm and it turned out the start was at midnight. Sadly I cannot take part next week due to no internet (I am moving house), but as soon I've got my new internet I will try again with the wintertime in place and then I will report here what happened. Andrea - I have an idea. The next time you are ready to join a Thursday VAjot gathering, how about if you catch me on Skype earlier that day, and I'll be able to tell you that it is starting in __ hours. You might catch Amanda on Skype too, but I can't speak for her. Good luck with your move! It was nice talking with you the other day on VAjot. Kathy
  9. Tawnya - did you get an answer? Thinking sort of outside the QuickBooks "box", regarding sorting and filtering data, is it possible that one of your fields has an invisible or barely visible character in it which causes a certain category or field to become excluded? This might not make sense for QB but I know I've experienced it with spreadsheet data and custom mapping tables. Those "space" and "." characters can cause a problem with filters... I've been busy working on the same deadline... glad it's done! Hope you got an answer to your issue by now. Kathy
  10. We were there and looking for you! Probably hard to socialize at 1am for ya!
  11. Mago - this is an older post - the Wednesday VAjot has been moved to Thursdays since the beginning of 2011. @Amanda thanks, I'm new here , I will get the hang of it Hi again , Sorry for all the questions and tweets but are we having a meeting tonight ? Because I didn't receive an email and I didn't see an update near the chat box in the conference room. It's lil ol me again , I just read the calendar and saw there's a scheduled meeting. First rule: before you ask silly ?'s READ !!! THANKS !! @Kathy I think it was canceled. Is it cancelled again today? (Even if it's not cancelled, I still have never seen the password for Thursday's VAjot.)
  12. How far are you from Erie, PA? I'd like to know if there are any VAs in Erie. I know alot of people there.
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