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  1. Hi Everyone, I know it has been a long time since I was able to post or even really visit this site, but I've been busy with my business. Anyway I'm in need of some advice from someone who is an expert with WordPerfect. Here is the problem, someone in my networking group has a client that uses WordPerfect for their letterhead, this firm would like to have a dropdown box that contains email addresses and whoever is sending the letter they can just click on their email and insert it into the letterhead. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so can you send me instructions on how to do this? Thanks.
  2. Reading this post, I think I'm fortunate. I use the same bank for my business and its free. I have no fees to pay for it at all. My checking is the same. But its a small hometown bank. Have a great one. Jeannine
  3. Just to add a little bit more, if you don't eat enough you will actually gain, especially if you're working out. Make sure you get your dairy and drink plenty of water. Good Luck, Jeannine
  4. Thanks Terry. I did look at it. She didn't know what shopping cart she had I found it on her site. She told me that she just doesn't have time to keep her site up. She also told me that she would send me her login infomation and the cd with the pictures on it. Jeannine
  5. Hi all, Has anyone heard of CubeCart? I have a client that has asked me to maintain her site. She has cubecart as a shopping cart and I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with them? Thanks, Jeannine
  6. Judy I suggested that, but the little while I was there I didn't see an option for him to do that from the program. But I didn't look at it that closely. I was there for another reason and he asked me this question. Thanks, Jeannine
  7. Is anyone familiar with Microsoft Projects? My client creates a job schedule and sends it out to a client of his and that client changes the schedule. He would like to know if there is a way to somehow prevent that person from doing that? Any suggestions? Thanks, Jeannine
  8. I'll keep you in my prayers that they get rid of this for you. Jeannine
  9. Good Morning all, For those who offer web hosting to their clients, I have a client who needs me to not only design their site but also to host it or find a hosting company for them, can ya'll give me some good reliable hosting companies that I can check out? Thanks, Jeannine
  10. Hi all, This is for all of you that use remote access programs, like logmein. When you're logged in and working on you clients computer, can they also use that computer at the same time? Thanks, Jeannine
  11. How do you know that the the crawlers go to your site? Is it in your stats? Jeannine
  12. How do you know when to pay them? Jeannine
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