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  1. How do you know when to pay them? Jeannine
  2. Janet, How do you submit an article for publication on your site? I've just finished writing an article titled "Viruses-Spy ware-Popup Blockers-- Is Your Computer Really Protected." Let me know if this may interest you. I've posted the article on my blog. Jeannine
  3. Ann, There was a post similar to this a while back here's the link http://www.mediamage.com/cvaforum/index.ph...ic=6598&hl= I hope it works. But anyway most of the VA's that answered in that post said they were use it or lose it. I hope this helps. Jeannine
  4. I sure wish I was going to be there. ok so who is going to take notes and post here? LOL. I hope everyone has a safe trip. Jeannine
  5. Jessica, You can get an example of a press release in this section its pinned on top of this post. You can also go to http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com/artic.../article19.html. I hope this helps. Jeannine
  6. Thanks Michelle, No I was just wondering if there was a topic. I really enjoyed Friday's chat and if there was a topic of interest to me tonight I was going to try and make it. Night's are kind of hard here as I still have 6 kids at home to get fed and bathed. lol. Also night time is my daughter's computer time. One day I will have at least 3 computers here. lol. Jeannine
  7. Is there a specific topic up for discussion for tonight? Jeannine
  8. Thanks all. I really appreciate the encouraging comments. I've been getting google alerts almost everyday from the article and people are viewing it all over the place. Jeannine
  9. Hi all, I just wanted to share my press release with all of you. I've posted it everywhere. LOL. Have a great one. Jeannine Cyberspace Plus Technology Equals the Virtual Assistant Franklin, LA. June, 2006 – Over the years, the Internet has produced a slew of new and innovative concepts and communication capabilities. One such concept is that of the Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant, also known as a VA, is a professional administrative assistant who is not actually present in your office but works virtually. VA’s bring with them a variety of administrative skills that range from word processing and internet research to creating and maintaining popular blog sites and article submissions. A virtual assistant’s vast knowledge of the internet allows business owners to expand and market their company all over the globe and empowers those businesses with specialized tools to help their company prosper and grow. By hiring a VA, the owner will be able to better manage his time and give their clients the personal touch they deserve. Four things VAs can do for growing businesses are: • Internet Research. VAs can research a particular business market to give that business the leading edge over its competitors. • Design new and innovative marketing tools. VAs can take a current newsletter or brochure, give it a new design and send it out to existing clients. • Blog Creation. VAs can create and update those highly popular company blogs that are sure to bring new clients to that site. • Article submissions. VAs are instrumental in sending out articles to the right target market and thus getting clients more exposure for their products with the people who would be interested in buying them. Finding the right VA is now the key to success for most businesses. As Diana Ennen, co-author of Virtual Assistant-The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA (http://www.VA-TheSeries.com) states, “With today’s virtual assistants having extensive training and knowledge of the Internet and how to help businesses succeed, more and more businesses are looking for qualified VAs to help them. But it’s important to find the right VA. Businesses should look for one that has the unique skills you are looking for and also will offer the right professionalism to your business.” One such Virtual Assistant Business, Innovative Virtual Creations (IVC), located in the small town of Franklin, Louisiana, does all the above and more. Jeannine Bertrand, founder of IVC, started her company with more than 16 years of computer knowledge and vast newspaper experience. Bertrand is devoted to helping businesses create better marketing pieces and get more exposure for their business with her professional skills and experiences. For more information on Innovative Virtual Creations, visit them on the web at http://ivc4u.com. # # # Contact Information: Jeannine Bertrand 337-828-9360 jeannine@ivc4u.com http://ivc4u.com/
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