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  1. LaShae, The site is using wp-polls but I don't think it's using wp-polls for the questionnaire being mentioned. wp-polls uses specific classes and IDs for the polls such as "polls_form_17, polls-17-ans, poll-answer-76, etc." while the form linked to does not. I also don't believe wp-polls has support for multi-page forms, though this could be performed using CSS and a bit of know-how.
  2. I agree, it seems like the logic in a form like that would be hard to create in a plugin. It will have to be a one-off style form. It's hard to say though without understanding the full needs of your client.
  3. Hey! No problem. I've dealt with WordPress thousands of times and have encountered many issues and errors along the way so I feel I have some knowledge to share in that department.
  4. PWApagya, I'm dealt with it a little bit on a clients membership site (http://www.apstraining.com). His site is powered by WordPress and makes use of the InfusionWP plugin written by Bob Keen (http://www.infusionwp.com/). It's a pretty advanced plugin and integrates well with WordPress. It requires IonCube Loaders to be installed on your webserver. Most hosts already have this available. Beyond helping my client set it up I didn't really have to do much as he took the reigns and ran with it. Bob Keen is very good with support too and I've spoken with him on the phone a few occasions.
  5. Jodie, I have a client with a membership site ( http://www.APSTraining.com ) that had a need for users to take quizzes and this plugin worked well for him: http://www.steele-agency.com/2011/04/wordpress-simple-survey-extended/ There is a free version but it's lacking in the feature department compared to the $50 paid version.
  6. Susanne, do you have a link to where I can look at the audio player messing up? It's probably a quick CSS change to your theme to fix the issue and if I can see it in action I can see what changes it may need.
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