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  1. Thanks! I am torn between the two. I don't really think unprofessional when I have something sent to me with handwriting on it. But then again it's always nice to see something "professional" too. I'm going to try different ideas and see what works. Thanks again!
  2. When you are sending out mailing to potiental clients do you hand write the address on the envelopes or postcards or do you type it? Thanks!
  3. I agree with Naomi. There is something a little strange about that.....seems like a red flag to me too!
  4. Thanks for this great idea!!!
  5. Have a great time - you'll do great!
  6. Welcome!! It's great to have you here and thanks for giving us a great introduction!! You'll do great!
  7. I like Naomi's suggestion of shortening it to : Custom designs guided by imagination
  8. I was just reading (again) the neat ideas that were talked about for Valentines day and marketing. So I started thinking about other holidays and the next one to come up is July 4th (Independence Day) here in the states. What kind of neat ideas do you have for that or that you have done before? I don't want to "steal" someone's idea....just trying to get the brain working today!!
  9. Congrats on finishing!! Great job!
  10. Thanks - this is pretty neat. I signed up tonight!
  11. You have given me a good laugh this morning!! I have been in your shoes many times!!! Glad you made it home safe!!
  12. Good morning from Doofus Girdlenose!!!
  13. Very cool and it's such a neat idea!!! Thanks for the info!
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